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Big Ten Bloggers Week 10

Mascot beatings, disappointing players, and dreaming of bowl games. It sounds like the ravings of the number one team in the country. This week's Big Ten bloggers' roundtable is headed up by Adam at Buckeye Lane. You may remember Adam from our blog trade before his Buckeyes kicked the crap out on national TV. He's back for more this week with a series of questions for all the Big Ten bloggers.

1. With the Big Ten season about to be wrapped up, it is a little easier to predict what Bowl games are possible for your school. Tell me what Bowl games would interest you as a fan. Where do you want to go? More importantly, who do you want to play?

I have heard wonderful things about the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio from Purdue fans that made the trip in 1997 and 1998. Those were our first two bowl trips in 13 years and many of the fans that went absolutely enjoy the city of San Antonio and the experience. Since I was lucky enough to go to the Rose Bowl after the 2000 season I would like to check this trip out.

As for a team I would like to play, I think I would like to play the Miami Hurricanes simply because I want to see how we would stack up against a traditional program like that. Plus, there is the matter of having bragging rights over my wife's school

2. In honor of Black Shoe Diaries' question about the Big Ten Moron Coach of the Year Award. Tell me who is the most disappointing player in the Big Ten this season. Also, tell me who is the most disappointing on your team.

I would have to say the entire Minnesota defense. I have no idea what happened with this unit, but when you can't stop Florida Atlantic or North Dakota State there are some serious issues. These guys weren't that bad last year, but something is amiss because they can't even slow down anyone.

The most disappointing Boilermaker at the moment is our defensive line, but they have begun to turn things around after our slow start. We did not have much of a pass rush at the beginning of the season and struggled even against a bad Notre Dame squad. Against Northwestern and Iowa we've actually been able to get to the quarterback and that has made us a whole lot better.

3. Ohio State is rumored to be building a giant buckeye nut outside the football stadium. This will lead to the new tradition of "rubbing the nut." I'm sure Michigan fans will use that against us. I know it is pretty late to start new traditions in the Big Ten, but pitch me a new tradition idea for your school.

This was actually a discussion on the Purdue football message boards not too long ago. I would love to see us come up with some kind of flashy nickname for Ross-Ade Stadium and get into the tradition of everyone wearing black for a game. I'd love to nickname the place the Depot, the Rail Yard, or the End of the Line.

I am a huge fan of the train theme because of its uniqueness. One that I love, but not many people know about is that we put the hat of every team we beat on the cowcatcher of the Boilermaker special during football season. I think we could build this one up more as well by symbolically doing it at midfield after home games.


- You are a big-fight promoter - Talk up your team's mascot and how/why they could kick the living crap out of any opposing team's mascot - inspired by Oregon's mascot

It's Pete, so it's about time he used that hammer he carries around all the time. Once that works we can to the old tie them down and runt hem over with the Special. About the only one he would be vulnerable against is the West Virginia guy who has a musket, but I think Pete can get the drop on him with the hammer.

I actually witnessed this at homecoming on Saturday, as a guy in a gorilla suit with a Northwestern flag came out of the stands and actually attacked Pete. I don't know if it was legit or not, but Pete looked legitimately pissed and they did escort the guy out of the stadium.

- Now you're an agent - Convince me that you have the top 2008 NFL Draft pick on your team -

We have a couple of good guys, but I am a realist. We don't have the #1 guy overall. We just had our first first rounder since Rod Woodson last year when Anthony Spencer got drafted, so we have a ways to go yet.