What in the world is wrong with Purdue Volleyball?

Juan Crespo

Purdue gets swept by 2nd to last place OHMR Iowa at home

Is there an NIT Tournament in Volleyball? Because at this rate, Purdue doesn't deserve to play in the NCAA Tournament, or even host the Sweet 16 and Elite 8. There are a few words that could describe the way Purdue played this weekend:

Terrible. Horrible. Appalling. Atrocious. Petrifying. Rotten. Dreadful. Gruesome. Ghastly. Horrifying.

I'm still baffled in how Purdue came in this season a Top 10 team before becoming possibly one of the most overrated teams this season. I'm still in shock that Purdue was just swept by Iowa, an Iowa team that just earned it's first Big Ten win against last place IU last night (who just lost in 5 sets to Nebraska).

Purdue had its chances to win it in the first and second sets, but just like last night against Nebraska, they could not play a complete set and lost both of them 25-23. Though Purdue started the 2nd set down 5-0, they regained the lead and could have won, but somehow this team goofed again and lost it. The 3rd set was just horrible. Nothing went right, and Iowa won it 25-18.

I can't present any stats right now since Gametracker is messed up and Purdue Athletics is always slow to post volleyball stats. But to be honest, the stats will just back up the fact that Purdue sucked tonight and last night. There was also no sighting of Carly Cramer tonight. Miller came out as libero before it was switch to the freshamn, Neill, in the second set. Neill made her errors, but she is a freshman so I can give her some grace. I don't know what the status is on Cramer, but having her sit out a game does worry me.

There's no excuse for Purdue to have lost this game. They should have swept Iowa, and I would have given them the benefit of the doubt if they only lost one set to the Hawkeyes. To add insult to injury, Iowa didn't even play that great, Purdue just played worse than them.

I don't know what's wrong with this team. Their attacks aren't working, neither Rachel nor Val can find a rhythem at setter, and there's no communication in the back court. The set winning point in the first set for Iowa was due to Ariel Turner, Amanda Miller, and Rachel Davis all going for the ball at once, leading to it being deflected into the stands. That play was just absolutely pathetic. I don't understand how an All-American OH, senior DS, and junior setter can mess up that horribly. There's just no excuse. It was obvious that Purdue missed Cramer in the back court, and that could have allowed Purdue to at least win the first 2 sets and come out tonight with a win.

As of right now, this team needs to start from scratch because nothing is working. I'll probably get crap for saying this, but this is what I feel right now and I'm not taking it back:

This team deserves NO BENEFITS right now. Absolutely none. Lock up the new locker room, social lounge, video room, etc., only winners deserve to use such facilities, but not this team, because they can't even beat Iowa. That 4-0 start in Big Ten play was all a joke. With the exception of the Northwestern game, Purdue could have easily lost 3 of those games had their opponents not commit so many errors. Until Purdue can earn a quality win, they do not deserve the benefits of a winning team and certainly should not earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament. At this point, the team shouldn't even both flying out to State College to face Penn State on Friday, we all know what's going to happen if they continue to play the way they are playing right now.

I honestly I'm just baffled at this start for the volleyball team. I know the players and coaching staff are too. They need to regroup and rethink their strategy for the year, because at this rate, there won't be any volleyball in December.

Now excuse me while I go drown my sorrows from today's games with some beverages at the bars on Chauncey Hill.

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