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Big Ten week 1 preview

Since I’ve hit two years here I think I will start a new feature. This came about from seeing it on other blogs and seeing its success when I tried it during the NCAA tournament. On game day...

Iowa Preview

What is left to play for? Pride? If we had played for pride we wouldn’t be in this situation. The seniors? It’s hard to play for the seniors when one in particular, be it fairly or unfairly, is...

Iowa 22, Purdue 17, T-Mill 85 degrees...

Today’s weather in Iowa City, according to my phone game tracker, was 37 degrees with a stiff wind and snow flurries. I saw this as I was sitting in brilliant sunshine and 85 degree weather on...

Know thy Opponent 2008: Iowa Hawkeyes

Since starting this blog I have been majorly wrong about a one team each season. As mentioned in the Michigan State preview, I was drastically wrong about last season’s edition of the Spartans....

South Park takes over the Big Ten rankings

An earlier rendition of the Big Ten Power Rankings involved the infamous Dead Hooker in the Trunk theory. Astute reader Scotty Leisure had an addition to that theory, now adding to the highest...

Catching up

It has been a few days since I have been able to write, so I missed pretty much everything from the Iowa game. My grandmother finally passed early Thursday morning, so I had to make travel...

Chaos! Panic! I love it!

I was originally going to save today’s entry for an open thread during tonight’s game, but the events of last night prompted me to comment on much larger matters. Last night is a prime example...

Iowa preview (with Boilermakings)

I feel like I am back in college this week. Tomorrow will be my second of three trips to West Lafayette within a week as I have been asked to cover a couple of basketball games in the area. When...

Winning ugly

Special thanks to everyone who stopped by and participated in the open thread tonight. I apologize for my own comments cutting off so suddenly, but the battery on my laptop went from 36 minutes to...

Luckily, there’s a Family Guy

First off, I finally have a name to thank for the "Defense Lives Here" banner. Thanks to the GBI basketball board for drawing my attention to this, as we have Paint Crew Secretary Zach West to...

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