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Mixed sport allegiances

Hey everybody! Glad to see a couple of blogs here on SBNation dedicated to the Indiana Big Ten Schools. It's still early, but The Crimson Quarry and Hammer and Rails both look to be quality...

Know thy Opponent 2008: Indiana Hoosiers


It’s a rivalry again.With one long kick last season, Indiana’s Austin Starr not only cemented a Hoosier return to the postseason after 13 long years, but he made sure that the Indiana-Purdue...

Know thy Opponent takeover 2008: The Hoosier Report


Tonight we close the Know thy Opponent takeover series as John from the Hoosier Report stops by to answer some questions on our rivals to the south. First, a couple of quick hits that probably...

Big Ten week 1 preview


Since I’ve hit two years here I think I will start a new feature. This came about from seeing it on other blogs and seeing its success when I tried it during the NCAA tournament. On game day...

Indiana preview


Before getting into the Indiana preview I wanted to have a brief word on basketball again. Purdue has been very impressive, blowing out three overmatched teams at home by an average of more than 30...

The Tiller Era - T-Mill's perspective


I wrote a good portion of this earlier this week, but my friends over at Boiled Sports have been weighing in with their opinions of the Tiller Era since Tuesday. J Money, Tim, and Boilerdowd all...

Rivalry week Big Ten preview


The final week of Big Ten play has almost turned into a youth soccer league. I say that because it seems like everybody gets a trophy, including the winner of 3-8 Purdue vs. 3-8 Indiana. For the...

It's not a gay thing, it's a dominance thing


I had figured that Purdue would win today. With the emotion of coach Tiller’s final game and everything else I thought the Boilers would win, and win comfortably.62-10.We took the bucket back by...

A peek at 2009 part 2


As promised, Here is the continued look at Purdue’s 2009 schedule. I finished the first half with a fairly optimistic 4-2 record. Honestly, the only opponent that truly scares me in that first half...

South Park takes over the Big Ten rankings


An earlier rendition of the Big Ten Power Rankings involved the infamous Dead Hooker in the Trunk theory. Astute reader Scotty Leisure had an addition to that theory, now adding to the highest...

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