Purdue ICONS

Purdue ICONS #1: Drew Brees


The Purdue ICONS series culiminates with the #1 selection, quarterback Drew Brees. Yes, I am aware I have a total man crush and I am okay with it.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Purdue ICONS #2: John Wooden


The greatest coach in the history of college basketball was a Boilermaker.

Purdue ICONS #3: Bob Griese


Bob Griese may be Purdue's best all-around athlete ever.

Purdue ICONS #4: Rick Mount


One of the greatest legends of basketball in Indiana, rick mount still endures today.

Purdue ICONS #5: Glenn Robinson


The Big Dog was a dominant force during the 1993-94 season.

Purdue ICONS #6: Gene Keady


Gene Keady is Purdue's all-time winningest basketball coach and one of the few men to edge Bobby Knight in his career overall record.

Purdue ICONS #7: Rod Woodson


Rod Woodson is one of the greatest defensive backs to ever play the game of football.

Purdue ICONS #8: Mike Alstott


Mike Alstott is simply one of the greatest fullbacks in college football history.

Purdue ICONS #9: Leroy Keyes


Leroy Keyes is possibly the greatest football player in 125 of Purdue football.

Purdue ICONS #10: Joe Barry Carroll


One of Purdue's all-time great, Joe Barry Carroll has an unfortunate wrap of being a draft bust.

Purdue ICONS #11: David Boudia


6-time National Champion David Boudia is one of the most decorated athletes in Purdue history.

Purdue ICONS #12: Len Dawson


The Father of the Cradle of Quarterbacks was Purdue's first Super Bowl MVP.

Purdue ICONS #13: Stephanie White


Stephanie White is probably the most famous women's basketball player in Purdue history.

Purdue ICONS #14: JaJuan Johnson


JaJuan Johnson heads to the NBA after a memorable Purdue career.

Purdue ICONS #15: Ray Ewry


10-time gold medalist Ray Ewry still rates highly as a Purdue ICON even 100 years after his athletic feats.

Purdue ICONS #16: Ward "Piggy" Lambert


Purdue's legendary Ward "Piggy" Lambert still ranks as one of the most successful coaches in Big Ten history.

Purdue ICONS #17: Katie Douglas


Women's Basketball player Katie Douglas was selected as the #17 ICON in Purdue history

Purdue ICONS #18: Terry Dischinger


Terry Dischinger had a record breaking career in West Lafayette and solid pro career.

Purdue ICONS #19: Joe Tiller


Joe Tiller is Purdue's all-time winningest football coach, and a legend in West Lafayette.

Purdue ICONS #20: Brian Cardinal


Citizen Pain is enjoying a front row seat for the NBA playoffs, and making a cool million to do so.

Purdue ICONS #21: Mark Herrmann


Purdue's Mark Herrmann set national records as a Purdue quarterback and earned him a place in the College Football Hall of Fame.

Purdue ICONS #22: E`Twaun Moore


Smooge comes in at #22 as a Purdue ICON

Purdue ICONS #23: Otis Armstrong


Otis Armstrong might be the greatest running back in Purdue football history.

Purdue ICONS #24: Kyle Orton


Kyle Orton is having a solid pro career, but at Purdue he was an ICON

Purdue ICONS #25: Ukari Figgs


Ukari Figgs finished her career as one of Purdue's most memorable women's basketball players.

Purdue ICONS: 39-26


The Purdue ICONS lists moves to the edge of the top 25

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