Some basketball links

Painter's interview on the frosh after first individual practice (video)

Article on Dakota Mathias

Zone and twin tower together?

My summary from them:

1) I love the work ethic from a lot of these guys. Bryson. Rapheal. Dakota. Just to name a few, and I am sure I am missing others. I am a big believer that hard work will pay off. I dunno how long, but hopefully very soon. I know the "p"-word is forbidden here, but with strong work ethic, I am really excited about this core group and what they can accomplish, given time.

2) Painter really sounds like very high on PJ. While he wasn't as certain on Bryson, he was quite positive on PJ. I never get to see him play so I can only be cautiously optimistic. Hope we'll get to see what he sees in him this fall, but at least the initial reviews are all pretty good (decision making, shooting, and leadership).

3) To all those who criticize Painter for not changing, not learning, not studying, I hope the zone article answers you. It really sounds to me that Painter spent a lot of time studying zone, and his reluctance is probably due to him knowing how to beat it.

3a) Even as an amateur, I know to beat a zone ultimately gets down to good ball movement. You attack the weak spot of a zone (usually FT line or baseline), force the zone to collapse, and then dish it to an open player. But good ball movement is precisely something lacking in our offense in the last 2 years. Hopefully with (supposedly) good passers like Dakota, Vince and PJ, we can get the shooters open looks to make the defense pay.

3b) On defense, it probably makes sense for us to try some zone to try to keep AJH in the paint. He looked totally lost last year when he was forced to come out to guard stretch bigs. Since we no longer have a shut-down defensive player like Kramer, it may be worth exploring.

4) I am intrigued with the twin-tower idea. Supposedly Haas will be the 5 and Hammons the 4. We have seen that Hammons can shoot (and kinda shoot too much jumpers to my taste), so it is an intriguing idea. The key here though is whether Hammons can defend the opposing 4s, especially those quick and athletic 4s like UM's GR3 last year. It gets down to AJ's motor, and hopefully that's what he is working on. With his ability to block shot, if he can have McGary's motor, he'll be a 1st-rd pick.

5) Really sound like chemistry was bad in recent past. Hopefully that is all behind us now. Can't wait to see this this group play and grow!!!

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