Matt Painter recreating the 11-12 motion offense via recruiting

2011-12 was a great year offensively for Purdue. Purdue had 4 of the 5 pieces coveted to make a motion offense work.

If you study Painters recruiting recently, and specifically this 2014 class, it appears Painter is setting up to recreate the ideal.motion offense that he (nearly) employed in 11-12.(only piece he missed was a dominating post man [lolcarroll])

1st Piece - A penetrating PG who can draw help defense and distribute to open shooters.

Lewis Jackson played this role perfectly. He was great at penetrating and finding Ryne, DJ, and Robbie on the wings for open shots. Also was great at taking advantage of open lane opportunities by going all the way to the hole and scoring(that's what she said). LewJack averaged over 4 assists and 10 ppg running the show. Ronnie Johnson would've been perfect running this offense with the new pieces we have in place but I digress! SIGH

Anyways, who has Painter targeted for this role? Little PJ Thompson. The role and his skillset seem to mesh. Apparently, he excels getting into the lane and making decisions. I'm hopeful he can play the part well.

2nd Piece - A Wing who can space the floor and shoot! Ryne Smith(and DJ Byrd) was so money in this role. It appears it was custom made for him specifically. LewJack penetrates, draws Rynes defender, kicks to Ryno and boom 3 pointer. Aside was the obvious production of hitting open threes, this role also keeps defenders honest after they've been burned and make them hesitant to help on drives. This helps the penetrating PG(already mentioned) and slashing wing(more on this role coming up) get easy buckets in the lane.

Who has CMP targeted for this role? Kendall Stephens and Dakota Mathias. These two players form the best 1-2 shooting combo in the nation. These two truly elite shooters should excel in Painters motion offense.

3rd Piece - Slashing wing. Terone Johnson started really coming into his own in this role late in the 11-12 season. His ability to get into the lane and get points in the paint helped force Ryne, DJ, and Robbie's defenders sag a little bit. If they stopped sagging because they were afraid of open threes, Terone used his superior strength to body opposing defenders amd bull his way to easy buckets. The difference between this role and theLewJack role is this role is often counted onto score off of isolation where the PG is.more used to distribute. However, they are very similar roles in the grand scheme of the motion offense.

Now who on our rosteris perfectfor this role? A big, strong guard who can getinto the lane at will for layups and draw fouls. If you guessed Mr. Bryson Scott, you're correct! Ray Davis also fits the bill as well but we are hoping RayDay and Basil are more jack of all trades type of guys rather than pigeon hole them into this specific role. Bryson should be able to score 7-14 each night taking advantage of hesitant help defenders who worry about sagging off Kendall, Dakota, amd Vince.

4th Piece - A stretch 4 who spaces the floor but is also versatile enough to rebound and post up smaller defenders. Robbie Hummel was so GOAT in this role. He killed opposing defenses on the outside when bigger defenders didn't chase him out to the 3 line. He posted up smaller defenders. He killed in the mid range game. He rebounded. He scored in a variety of ways. Such a valueable piece to the offense he was.

Painter has found this teams version of the Hummel stretch 4. Only the most important recruit for Purdue(because he can fill this role and be versatile defensively) in the past 5-6 years. Vince Edwards! Edwards can shoot the three. He is deadly podting up smaller players(seriously watch his videos). He rebounds. He is extremely athletic for his size. He can handle the ball. He ca pass from the high post. Now you know why Painter wanted him so BAD! He is essential to Painters systems both offensively and defensively!

Who.else can play this role? Again, our jack of all trades Basil and RayDay can fill liken nicely as long as they've improved their shooting and handling. Maybe down the line Jacquil can be this.player as well? Will take some.skill development but man does he have the JaJuan look to him!

Ok the 5th piece - a dominating low post presence. This is what the 11-12 team lacked with Carroll. Hammons and Haas should be able to draw doubles and kick out to open shooters or get us points on the low block. Really nothing advanced about it. Its the final piece to the puzzle. Many times, rather than relying on a FR PG to conti ually opnetrate and make the correct decisions, we can just run the offense thru Hammons and force the defense to play straight up and get abused or to double and leave our shooters open. Pick your poison.

We have the pieces in place to run the ideal motion offense that Painter dreams of every night. I think we are going to be an ultra efficient offense next year.

It is our defense I worry a little about. Hopefully, we can be good enough on that end to not spoil what has the makings to be a special offensive season.

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