Taking yourself too seriously makes you look ridiculous

"Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous." Vaclav Havel

I love Purdue sports, and I've been chagrined at the performance of our men's football and basketball teams over the past two years...but still more disturbing is the degree to which many fans on this site seem to be taking themselves way too seriously.

When you take yourself too seriously, you end up getting into pillow fights with other fans over stuff that's completely out of your control (Example: "Will AJ leave for the NBA or won't he?"). You perseverate on your ideas in an attempt to defend your inflated view of your own importance.

When you take yourself too seriously, you back up your comments with meaningless CV material. (Example: "I have 900 followers on Tweaker so I know what I'm talking about")

When you take yourself too seriously, you make outrageous statements. (Example: "I'm a speaker of truth, blah blah blah...RJ is the GOAT")

When you take yourself too seriously, you get offended when someone disagrees with you and you overreact rather than having a rational discussion/debate. (Example: too many to choose from)

In short, when you take yourself too seriously, you run the risk of looking ridiculous...and unfortunately, this has happened quite often on Hammer and Rails over the past two years.

The solution, Boilermaker fan, is to STOP TAKING YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY. Seriously, chill out. Realize the future of Purdue athletics doesn't depend on you. Love the team, cheer for the coach and players, praise the good decisions and great plays, appropriately criticize bonehead moves, drink to the wins, commiserate after the losses, research potential recruits, discuss said all the things you've been doing but don't take yourself so seriously. You're coming across as ridiculous - an object worthy of ridicule. If you're taking yourself too seriously, don't be surprised if some of us call you out and make you look ridiculous.

That's all I've got. Thanks for listening.

Go Boilers! Please pummel the Northwestern Wildcats today! tomorrow! (oops)

A little about me...I've been enjoying (and periodically cringing at) Hammer and Rails posts and comments for about two years now. I've been cheering for Purdue since 1998. My dad was an IU grad so before I knew any better, I cheered for the likes of Steve Alford, Calbert Cheaney, Alan Henderson, Damon Bailey, and Bob Knight. After attending Butler University as a freshman, I spent five years in West Lafayette between 1999-2004, transferring to Purdue to get a better Science/Biology experience. I graduated in 2002 and went to Indiana University School of Medicine (don't start, it's the only medical school in the state of Indiana), but spent the first two years of medical school in the basement of the Lynn Hall of Veterinary Sciences at the "LCME", the Lafayette Center for Medical Education. I now live and practice in South Carolina. I am married with four children, and I enjoy homebrewing and triathlons.

Stuff in the FanPosts is entirely at the discretion of those that post them. They do not represent the views of Hammer & Rails, SBNation, or Purdue University in any way.

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