Who Are Your Favorite Purdue Basketball Players Over the Years?

With all the negativity and infighting going on around here recently, attributable to the crummiest year for Purdue athletics since 1907-08 (I'll bet no one here remembers that season), I thought it might be nice to put up something positive that we can hopefully have fun with so let's take a look into the past.

Who are some of your all-time favorite basketball players and why? Some of my picks rather than being the obvious choices may be a little obscure.

Tony Jones - Tough, smart, and gave one hundred percent effort one hundred percent of the time. He always reminded me a little of Pete Rose on the basketball court, he was the Charlie Hustle of his day. After graduating he served our country in the US Air Force as a pilot for 8 years and gets it done these days as a commercial airline pilot.


Glenn Robinson - The Big Dog. Not much else to say, he ate other Big Ten teams for breakfast. I've never seen anyone dominate a basketball game like Glenn did. The best college basketball player I have ever seen.


Todd Foster - Another really tough Gene Keady ball player. Brian Cardinal's toughness always reminded me of Todd, you know a guy's tough when his hobby is riding bulls. I'll always have a soft spot for Todd because of the memory of him jumping up and down on the spot where Bloomington would be located on the Indiana outline at center court of Ass Hall after opening up a king-size can of whoop-ass on the Hoosiers.


Carson Cunningham - Who didn't love Carson with that Eddie Munster look he was rocking? Opposing fanbases made fun of his 'do but he got the last laugh when he sent their teams off screaming into the night just like when Marilyn's dates met Uncle Herman. Another Boiler who got it done both on and off the court, a very smart guy who is now an author and college professor.


Kip Jones - Another tough character. What do you do when an anOSU player keeps throwing elbows? You throw him a punch. I still remember Kip leaving the game with a smirk on his face while Keady was going nuts on him for getting into a fight. He's getting it done now as an assistant coach of the IPFW Lady Mastodons.


Steve Scheffler - Steve was a beast, bench-pressing 330 lbs and with a 33 inch vertical he could really go to the basket and was also one of the nation's best shooters at the time. He kicked a learning disability's ass to graduate from Krannert with a management degree, no easy feat while playing Div. 1 basketball in the Big Ten.


Cuonzo Martin -Zo's the guy Gene Keady says is the greatest leader he ever coached. He was a joy to watch, just tough as nails and not only would he kick your ass on defense he would rain down threes upon you at the other end of the court. He is so tough he even kicked cancer's ass and now he's kicking SEC ass as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers.


Matt ten Dam - Not really, but can any discussion of Purdue greats not include the great Matt ten Dam? He's was a lover when he was on campus but now he's getting it done now as a fighter.


I have tons more favorites but these are a few to get started.

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