2014 NCAA Tournament: T-Mill Picks A Bracket

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

By no means is this what is going to happen in the Tournament.

Tomorrow begins the best four sports days of the year as we embark on the NCAA Tournament. Since Purdue is not involved at all I am praying for upsets. I am a huge fan of mid-majors going far into the tournament and low majors rising up to upset bigger schools. I always hope this is the year a 16 finally knocks off a No. 1 seed. Since Purdue is out and I don't have Indiana to cheer against this is the first tournament in years where I don't really have a vested interest.

While you can still sign up for the Hammer & Rails challenge, here is how I am picking one of my final ESPN brackets and the rationale for why:

South Region

First Round (and yes, it is the first round, not the second round. This First Four crap is merely a play-in round).

Florida over Albany - Just because a 16 will beat a 1 some day doesn't mean you pick it. This is stillt he safest pick on the board.

Pittsburgh over Colorado - Colorado is playing without a main player that tore his ACL (Spencer Dinwiddie). Sound familiar?

VCU over Stephen F. Austin - I always hate when they pair a good mid-major with a very good low major. SFA has won 26-0, but has beaten no one in doing so.

Tulsa over UCLA - Always pick against a Steve Alford coached team in round 1.

Ohio State over Dayton - This will likely be like OSU's two Big Ten Tournament wins. They won't look good for most of the game, but find a way to win in the end.

Syracuse over Western Michigan - The ‘cuse struggled after a hot start, but the MAC is still a shell of its former self.

New Mexico over Stanford - Now that Steve Alford is gone New Mexico is legitimately dangerous.

Kansas over Eastern Kentucky - Somewhere, Danny Hope is crying.

Second Round

Florida over Pittsburgh - Florida is a hot team for a reason and Pittsburgh is in an 8/9 game for a reason: They're a solid NCAA team, but not much else.

VCU over Tulsa - I still believe in Shaka Smart.

Syracuse over Ohio State - Both teams are capable of beating anyone or losing to anyone, so I'll go with the team that is at least a little more consistent. Thus ends Aaron Craft for all of us.

New Mexico over Kansas - If Joel Embiid does not play Kansas is in trouble.

Sweet 16

Florida over VCU - This should be a fun one, but Florida is just really, really good. If SFA gets here somehow it will be two of the nation's longest winning streaks.

Syracuse over New Mexico - At some point you simply pick the bigger programs to prevail

Elite 8

Florida over Syracuse - This really is a pretty easy region for Florida

West Region

First Round

Arizona over Weber State - Does Weber State get to bring back Harold "the Show" Arceneaux? No? They're screwed.

Oklahoma State over Gonzaga - If it plays to its ability Okie Light can be a Final Four team easily.

North Dakota State over Oklahoma - Oklahoma doesn't believe in defense and ND State plays smart basketball.

New Mexico State over San Diego State - It is fun to watch a ridiculously large guy in Sim Bhullar protect the rim and Whale's Vagina State is consistently the most overrated team in the country.

Nebraska over Baylor - The Cornhuskers will get their first ever NCAA Tournament win.

Creighton over Louisiana-Lafayette - At least a team from Lafayette made the tournament.

Oregon over BYU - The Fightin' Mormons were a bubble team that somehow got a 10 seed.

Wisconsin over American - Bo Ryan's teams always exit early, but never this early.

Second Round

Oklahoma State over Arizona - I believe in Marcus Smart and he has to audition for a higher draft pick.

North Dakota State over New Mexico State - A double-digit seed almost always gets through to week 2, usually because of games like these.

Creighton over Nebraska - Nebraska might be getting better, but they still aren't the best team in their state.

Wisconsin over Oregon - Hard to believe that the Badgers are one of the only teams to beat Florida this season.

Sweet 16

Oklahoma State over North Dakota State - The ride ends for the Bison, but what a ride.

Creighton over Wisconsin - This is about right for a Bo Ryan exit

Elite 8

Creighton over Oklahoma State - Doug McDermott deserves to go to a Final Four in his career.

East Region

Virginia over Coastal Carolina - is Virginia one of the most unlikely No. 1 seeds ever?

George Washington over Memphis - I do have to give credit here to Maurice Creek, who FINALLY getsto play in an NCAA Tournament game unless he comes down with Legionnaire's Disease this week.

Harvard over Cincinnati - Harvard is a solid 12 over 5 pick after getting an upset last year.

Michigan State over Delaware - Bonus that Spartan fans get to enjoy a win over a team whose football team looks like Michigan.

North Carolina over Providence - Tom Izzo has to be terrified that the Tar Heels are in this bracket.

Iowa State over North Carolina Central - Iowa State is 9-3 in its last 12 games coming in.

Connecticut over St. Joseph's - Fun fact: St. Joe's has Kyle Molock, who once committed to Purdue only to back out once Purdue got Ronnie Johnson. I think they won this deal.

Villanova over Milwaukee - Another over-rated team, but Villanova gets rewarded with a bad Milwaukee team.

Second Round

Virginia over George Washington - I already picked one No. 1 seed to miss the second weekend. Rarely does it happen to two.

Michigan State over Harvard - The Spartans looked the best of anyone in the conference tournaments.

North Carolina over Iowa State - Of course North Carolina would turn it on late.

Connecticut over Villanova - As I said, Villanova is ridiculously over-rated as a two seed.

Sweet 16

Michigan State over Virginia - MSU just has "The Look"

North Carolina over Connecticut - Tough to call this one, but UNC is ridiculously talented.

Elite 8

Michgian State over North Carolina - The Spartans finally break their hex against UNC.

Midwest Region

Wichita State over Cal Poly/Texas Southern - Just a reminder that Mike Davis at Texas Southern has a better chance of winning the National title this year than "The Movement".

Kentucky over Kansas State - I guarantee the Wildcats will win this game.

St. Louis over North Carolina State - NC State looked good last night, but St. Louis has had more time to rest.

Louisville over Manhattan - They are still The Champs until someone beats them.

Iowa over UMass - Yes, I even think Iowa puts out Cuonzo Martin tonight.

Duke over Mercer - Yes, I hate picking Duke too.

Arizona State over Texas - Rick Barnes against Steve Alford would be one of the worst coached NCAA games ever.

Michigan over Wofford - I am not doubting Michigan again.

Second Round

Wichita State over Kentucky - Kentucky is more talented, but Wichita State actually plays together like a team as opposed to a bunch of individuals.

Louisville over St. Louis - It's the battle of I-64!

Duke over Iowa - This matchup is almost unfair.

Michigan over Arizona State - The Wolverines want to return to Indy after looking so good there last week.

Sweet 16

Louisville over Wichita State - Cans of PBR are cracked all over southern Indiana to celebrate the 1976 IU team's place as the last undefeated team.

Michigan over Duke - Fuck Duke

Elite 8

Michigan over Lousiville - This would be a fantastic game with tons of fans coming in since both schools are close. Michigan gets revenge for last season.

Final Four

Michigan State over Florida - This should be another good game and it might be the first true challenge for Florida in months.

Michigan over Creighton - It's time to emB1Ggen the title game.

National Championship

Michigan State over Michigan - Since this would tie the season series at 2-2 I propose a rubber match at Ford Field.

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