Ronnie v. Yogi & Boiling Points

The state of Indiana does not have a team going to the NCAA. The 2 main rivals in the state have similar point guards, who could not lead their teams to the top half of the B1G. The season stats for the PGs follow:

Ronnie 41.8% 30.4% 66.7% 3.7 2.2 1.68 10.8
Yogi 41.3% 40.0% 82.4% 3.9 2.6 1.50 17.3

Based on stats, Yogi is clearly the better shooter based on 3P% & FT%. However, Ronnie has a better Assist to Turnover ratio. Neither were great at assists, just average. Neither were great at FG%, I would guess average at best. Regarding defense, Yogi had 0.8 steals v. Ronnie at 0.5 steals. I did not watch IU play, so I do not know if Yogi was a good defender, but I would rate Ronnie at average, at best. My ratings are simply Great, Average, or Awful. So they mostly get Average ratings in each category. The closest to awful ratings are: Ronnie 3P%, FT% and Yogi TO. The closest to a great rating would be Yogi at 3P% & FT%. At the end of the season, neither are great right now, but I am glad to see Ronnie improve this year. Next year, I hope he improves his passing effectiveness. He made some great no look passes. As a point guard, I would rather see him calling plays and directing where people should be. Hopefully more plays are called with screens, so that more open shots can be created for others. Develop a pull up jumper, so that when the lane is blocked you can pull-up and hit a short shot or pass to an open player. And lastly work on the free throws and defensive mindset. With your quickness, you have a great ability to win games with your defense more than your offense. Create more steals. A summer of work can lead to a great Junior year at Purdue.

Now on to Boiling Points for the team:

1) Defense, defense, defense.

2) Defense, defense, defense.

3) Cheer for your teammates, celebrate their successes, smile, work as a TEAM.

4) Play patient, play smart, play hard.

5) Appoint a leader that IS 1-4 above.

6) Win the B1G next year. It is there for the taking!

Items in the FanPosts is entirely at the discretion of those that post them. They do not represent the views of Hammer & Rails, SBNation, or Purdue University in any way.

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