Ronnie Johnson’s Possible Transfer: The Friday Night Update

Andy Lyons

So much is swirling about Ronnie Johnson's possible transfer we should move it to a new thread.

Since I apparently set the Internet on fire with irresponsible journalism and was even blamed for the entire athletic department’s struggles (who knew?) I thought I might do a post with the latest news on Ronnie Johnson’s POSSIBLE transfer. There were a lot of reports going around this afternoon, but I made a judgment call based on the information I was given.

Both Chris Emma at Scout and GBI are far closer to the program than I, so when they say something is likely I few it as pretty damn likely and feel comfortable in going with it. As of Friday evening it still seems very likely that Ronnie Johnson will transfer from Purdue. It is more up in the air than originally thought, however. Here is what we have so far:

Jeff Washburn writes for Purdue’s Scout site along with Chris Emma and has been a long-time Purdue writer.

Baird is a writer for the Lafayette Journal & Courier and, as he says later, his conversation with Ronnie was last night:

The Boiler Sports Report, which is Purdue’s site with Chris Emma and Jeff Washburn, is standing by their story as recently as three hours ago, which is more recent than Baird’s:

Gold and Black has also updated their story:

As for me, I think it still seems likely. Multiple places like Scout and Rivals are far closer to the situation than I am. I erred in leaving out the "likely" in my original headline, but I felt very confident in what I wrote based on the sources that first broke the story. It was very similar to when the Darrell Hazell hire broke. I jumped on it before most mainstream media did, it looked a little hazy for a bit, then it was closed. I jumped because I had a trustworthy source.

But, H&R is here to discuss things Purdue, and sometimes they are not as clear-cut as we originally thought. Because GBI and the guys at Scout are closer to the team than I, I trust them. If they say something is "very likely" then, well, it is very likely. Again, it was my error in stating with what seemed as 100% certainty when it was probably more in the 90% range. If I am wrong, then I am wrong. I have been wrong before and I admit it.

Ultimately, only Ronnie knows what he is going to do. Would it surprise me if he transferred? No. It would surprise me more if he stayed because these rumors have been swirling long before today. He has tweeted personally tweets of support without saying anything himself. If you want to read tea leaves you can read into the fact his Twitter background is pictures of him playing in high school two years ago at North Central and not Purdue, but that’s not for me to read into.

I’d love for Ronnie to come back because he is a great player and someone that can make Purdue better. I think he can have an excellent 2014-15 season and be part of a major turnaround. Will it happen though? It’s up to him. I would still say he is gone because these rumors don’t get started from nothing, especially by the time guys like Emma and Washburn are writing about them. They have more credibility than I do.

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