Basketeball vs. Football

We constantly heard on this site, throughout and after the worst football season in school history, how we should support the players and the team during these rough times. Now I understand that the football team is in a totally different situation as the basketball team is in. Football is clearly in a transitional period with the Hope era coming to an end and Hazel and Co. coming in and trying to implement new offensive and defensive schemes.

This years basketball team on the other hand has none of those disadvantages. Painter is a long established coach who is just a couple years removed from a great deal of success in this league. He has also been running the motion offense since he started coaching at Purdue so this is not a new idea to the players, outside possibly the freshmen, and few would argue that there isn't far greater talent on the basketball team.

We all know the story of transfers that have left the team with few upperclassmen, and if you want you can blame the coaching staff for that. I don't think anyone would disagree with you, and yes I have watched the games this year, and seen the team seemingly regress instead of get better. It can be extremely frustrating, but my question is still why so much love for the football team, and only hate for the basketball team.

I realize I just laid out a diagram of why we SHOULD be angry with this team, but these players are still young men would are going to school, trying to grow up and represent our school. They don't like to lose. Hell who does, and I'm sure they are trying to get better.

If you want to bash on the coaching staff for recruiting misses, transfer problems, or just bringing in players who don't fit the mold that is fine, but a little less criticism towards the players themselves would be a good thing.

I am just pulling for this team. We all know there is talent there. This season is not over yet, and maybe nothing will change, but I will never give up on a Purdue team until the fat lady sings. There is still half of the BIG season and the tourney. Lets show the players there are still people who think they can make this a solid season. Miracles happen everyday.

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