Angry rants or pessimistic views wanted/welcomed here (seriously!)

With the men's bball team losing 4 straight, there have been lots of angry comments and it's very understandable. I have an idea here: let's create this special thread just to rant. In this particular thread, I encourage everyone to just let it all out, be as pessimistic you want to be, extrapolate the worst case scenario to eternity, and exaggerate as much as you want. The only rule is not to hold back and make it as bad as it can be. This thread is where fans are allowed (actually, encouraged and celebrated) to rant and overreact without the need to be "politically correct," so let's do it all here.

As a start, here are just a few I randomly choose from recent post-game comments. The point here is not whether they are accurate or not. These are actual things that 'fans' say, so let's crank them up here:

The team is full of "MAC players" who have "no heart," "have shit attitude and really have no bball IQ"

Hammons has "no motor," "no passion," and gets "embarrassed defensively." He is "the most overrated player in league history. His defense is beyond terrible and he’s so soft it’s shocking."

"Painter is a D2 coach...The obvious solution is to fire Painter’s ass immediately."


Now there are three things I'd like to accomplish by this. First, let people have a place to vent their frustration while those who don't wanna feel miserable don't have to feel raped and shoved a heavy dose of negativity down the throat. Second, I have a feeling that as people can rant with no constraint, it tends to become comical, and at this point we all need a good laugh. Third and most importantly, I wanna run a thought experiment. Assume all these rants come true, assume we extrapolate the losing streak to eternity (as some already do), let's close your eyes and imagine:

Purdue loses EVERY single game the rest of the season. They get blown out and they aren't even competitive after the first 5 minutes (oh wait, we already had that with the football team).

(Atrocious) defense lives here. And only on a good night will we get to shoot better than 40% FG or 50% FT. Passing is prohibited.

The SAME stupid mistakes persist:

JBJ keep doing their 1-against-3. Terone keeps blaming his teammates. Hammons keep turning the ball over. Painter keeps yelling "move" and our players run aimlessly for 30 seconds and either turn the ball over or throw up a bad shot. CMP say the same thing over and the players keep not getting 'it.'

Just imagine that. It's the same script for the rest of the season like the Groundhog Day. Read all the angry rants and they all come true. Really, really let it sink in and get to the lowest you can get with this thought experiment, coz if you can do that,


Items in the FanPosts is entirely at the discretion of those that post them. They do not represent the views of Hammer & Rails, SBNation, or Purdue University in any way.

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