Purdue Football Offseason - So Far

1. Recruiting

This offseason has seen some pretty mixed results so far - there has been some de-committing. Conversely those de-commits were overcome by going out and actually grabbing more players than it would appear there are scholarships for. So the coaching staff must expect certain players to be kicked off the team, transfer, or for some of our current commits not to pan out (are there really any other options?).

It does look reassuring, however, that our coaching staff has actually gone out and recruited some decent looking O-Line prospects. At least they are trying to remedy the issues with our current O-Line and are not making excuses or claiming that they are perfect in practice but just don't execute or something of the like. The bad news is that the coaching staff understands that the talent level of the current O-Line players on the team is not sufficient for a B1G squad. I guess it is better to be realistic than live in a fantasy world next season and continue to get clobbered. Let's hope that the coaching staff can make something happen here - especially since the QB stable on the surface looks to have a ton of potential.

It is a bit interesting as well that this recruiting class does not, on the surface, appear to create a ton of depth at linebacker or the D-Line where we definitely need immediate help. There is only one recruit listed at LB, Jawhaun Bentley, but Gelen Robinson and Keiwan Jones could possibly make position changes. However if that is the case then this class doesn't really create depth on the D-Line.

2. Coaching Staff

This one, I thought at least, was more disturbing. Jon Heacock jumped ship from being our safeties coach to be D-Coordinator at Toledo. This doesn't really make sense at all to me. Does it make sense from Heacock's perspective to jump ship after an abysmal 1-11 season that may be considered one of the worst performing Purdue teams of all time? absolutely. However why would Toledo want to grab the guy? His coaching dossier is not exactly electric? I guess what is more important is that we are losing guys to average MAC schools now. Maybe I am overreacting but I definitely do not think its a good sign for the state of the program. I also haven't seen or heard how close we are to hiring his replacement.

We all hope that this coaching staff can start steering the team in the right direction. The schedule isn't an absolute meat grinder this year. I also hope that if more transfers are to occur in the near future (probable outcome based on the scholarship situation) it is because they don't have the right attitude or work ethic. I sincerely hope they are not great work ethic/high talent guys that just don't want to lose any longer and feel they can be better utilized in another program ( much like underutilized employees in poorly run corporations).

What do you guys think?

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