Decoding CMP

As a big fan of CMP, I always like to read his thoughts on the game. At least they make a lot more sense than say, Hope's. Recently I am a bit lost though. Here's his latest after Wisky:

"I always talk about if your issues in November are the same in January, it’s probably who you are," said Painter. "That’s coaching. It’s a difficult thing."

OK, I guess we are just a shitty defensive team then. I don't see much improvement between Nov and Jan in our defense :-( I do see some improvement in boxing out and on DREB, but I still see tons of breakdowns leading to either lay-ups by opponents or open shooters. Coaching is indeed a difficult thing, no doubt, but that's why he is paid $2.3M. I don't think he is overpaid, but I think it's enough money to pay someone and expect him to be able to solve a difficult problem.

Painter mentioned players who "can shoot and make two shots, and then have two air balls."

I wonder if he's talking about Kendall or Carter, or even RayD. I might also add that we have a player who "can post up and make two shots or draw fouls, and then turn the ball over the next two times," and another player who "can make some brilliant passes, and then take a bonehead low-percentage shot the next two times."

He also said he has another player who "drives on two or three players, has guys open, and doesn’t jump stop and make the right play."

Glad he sees that too. I wonder if he is talking about Bryson or Terone. It's sad that we have multiple candidates for any given symptom, sigh.

"These are things that have been happening – November, December and January," Painter said. "As a coach though, that’s what you do. You keep working, you keep talking, and you hope that light turns on at some point and they get it."

Respectfully disagree. Yes, definitely keep working and keep talking, but I'd think as a coach there's more to it. You help them understand why. You investigate with them on what's keeping them from doing what you want. I don't think any of the players are bad kids to deliberately ignore Painter's instruction. If it's their instinct, develop some drills so that doing the right thing becomes their second nature. Show them game tape. Practice with them. Ask them questions. Get to know the players and their struggle. You don't just "hope." You do whatever you can, you do everything you can to get the message across. That's coaching.

"We’re not in that position right now because we don’t have older guys," Painter said. "I wish we did because we have some young players that need to sit and watch. They’re talented, but they don’t understand winning basketball."

Absolutely true, but then who is responsible for getting the players to understand how to play winning basketball? I suppose we are all spoiled by E'Twaun Moore or Rob Hummel, who just knew winning basketball from Day One and needed no one to teach them. Has Terone mastered what winning basketball is? BTW, I am not singling out Terone for not playing winning basketball. I saw his effort, and I appreciate that. However, he is the undisputed senior leader who has learned first hand winning basketball from E'Twaun and Rob, and I just expect more from him after 4 years.

Lastly, I just want to add that I have the utmost respect for CMP. I look up to him and I think he's a great coach, a great basketball mind, and a great representative of the Purdue community. I probably sound very critical of him here and I am very much unqualified to criticize him. Sorry, I just don't understand. I don't get it. And we are all frustrated.

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