A new King is crowned

September 28th, 2013 was an important date in Boilermaker history. People from all over surrounding lands gathered to Boilermaker country to witness history. Duke of Checkdown SirHenry stepped down from his post, vacating the throne. Whispers around the kingdom were growing that Prince Appleby would be the next to lead the Boiler faction.

"Surely Prince Etling, Duke of Touchdowns, will not be crowned as King Hazell has used his most powerful Redshirt on him in order for the prince to fully develop. "

More whispers were heard around the camp that SirHenry, Duke of Checkdown, should retain his throne anyways. Jesters by the name of Brunner, BoilerAdam, 1972blrmkr, and others jeered NoblemanJones as he called for the savior in Prince Etling.

"You are wrong Nobleman Jones - Prince Etling is not ready. Henry is the one to lead us in battle. Forgive his mistakes and blindly give him credit!"

However, undeterred by mounting pressure from the rest of the Boiler village, Nobleman Jones stood up and proclaimed:

"If we are to conquer our enemies, Prince Etling, Duke of Touchdowns, is the one who should lead us!"

King Hazell, watching his kingdom come close to crumbling and sensing the village had been infected with "2 yard Checkdown disease," made the change. He ordered Prince Etling to the throne. Revoking his RS status, Prince Etling was given the reins to the throne, thus beginning an epic journey for Boilermaker nation.

The nasty Wolves, who originate in North Illinois, were not ready for the offensive capabilities of the Boilermaker Army when lead by Prince Etling. Quickly, Prince Etling showed off the cannon and lead strikes down the battlefield. Although the deficit was wide due to the losing battle fought by the Duke of Checkdowns earlier, Prince Etling, Duke of Touchdowns, managed to push back the Wolves of North Illinois. While his efforts were ultimately for naught as the Boiler Army suffered defeat, opposing villages across the country took note - there is a new commander to the Boiler Army. This commander employs a Cannon and can fully utilize the weaponry at his disposal.

A new era has begun fellow Boilermakers. Let us not subscribe to the old school thinking of accepting mediocrity and blindly supporting it. Let us instead push forth and demand top notch performance.

And to the other villages all across the country, Nobleman Jones says this:

Brace yourselves, because Etling is coming.

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