2013 Purdue Football Fall Practice Day 5: Has Henry Won?


Some major news on the Purdue QB battle between Rob Henry and Danny Etling.

Is the quarterback derby over? For the third straight day Rob Henry spent most of the day with the No. 1 offense at quarterback, making that four out of the first five practices in which he has been there. Just yesterday coach Hazell said that there would still be rotation in practice, but that rotation did not come today:

Rob has done an excellent job," said the first-year coach, who has previously set a date of two weeks before the Aug. 31 opener to name a starter. "He's had five really good practices. We're still not there yet. But there's a battle going on there still, just so you guys know."

Danny Etling stayed with the No. 2 offense and Austin Appleby guided the No. 3 offense. Both of these guys continue to be doing well by most accounts, but Henry might be taking over a bit.

More injuries:

Gabe Holmes missed practice today with a minor hamstring injury, moving the prodigal son, Patrick Bade, to the top of the depth chart for the day on two TE packages with Justin Sinz. Bilal Marshall was also slowed again.

Offensive Line shuffles:

Trevor Foy, who was previously at right tackle behind Justin Kitchens, has moved a step or two inside and is running with the No. 2 offense behind Jordan Roos at right guard. Roos, a redshirt freshman, continues to play well at right guard and looks like the freshman most likely to start.

The move of Foy moved Cody Davis to backup center behind Robert Kugler. Devin Smith, Kitchens, and Kevin Pamphile are holding on to the other three line spots for now.

Running back play:

The offense appears to have a lot of dump-off passes so far to RBs and TEs. One of these dump offs ended with a 40-yard catch and run by Akeem Hunt. This was popular in Hazell's offense at Kent State as Dri Archer led the team with 39 receptions for 561 yards and 4 TDs out of the backfield. Hunt and Archer are very similar players.

One curiosity I have seen is no mention of how some of the freshmen backs are doing. Robert Gregory was mentioned as playing well against contact, but we've had no idea how Dalyn Dawkins, Keith Byars II, Keyante Green, or David Yancey are doing.

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