Purdue Football Depth Chart: A Few Spots Up For Grabs


Purdue is looking Senior-heavy so far, especially on offense.

I have been trying to figure out the depth chart by parsing through various notes over the past few days, mostly because quarterback is not the only position that was up for grabs this fall. There were still some unanswered questions along the defensive line, offensive line, and linebacker just to name a few.

What follows is a rough estimate of the first team and the second team on both sides of the ball for the opener at Cincinnati:


QB: Rob Henry - Sr. (5)

RB: Akeem Hunt - Jr.

FB: Kurt Freytag - Sr. (5)

WR: Dolapo Macarthy - Jr.

WR: B.J. Knauf - Fr. (RS)

TE: Gabe Holmes - Sr.

LT: Kevin Pamphile - Sr.

LG: Devin Smith - Sr.

C: Robert Kugler - So.

RG: Trevor Foy - Sr.

RT: Justin Kitchens - Sr.

We knew about Henry, but Foy moving in from tackle to guard is a bit of a surprise. He takes the place, for now, of Jordan Roos, who was the redshirt freshman that took the bulk of the snaps with the No. 1 offense. Don't count out Roos to play eventually, especially since Foy has battled shoulder injuries for his whole career.

This is also the "Power I" lineup according to GBI. In a more traditional Pro Set Freytag may be subbed out for a third receiver, such as Shane Mikesky. Also, Gary Bush would be a possible sub in as an experienced slot receiver. Knauf has the speed to move into the slot as well.


DE: Ryan Russell - Jr.

DT: Bruce Gaston - Sr.

DT: Ryan Isaac - Sr.

DE: Greg Latta - Sr.

LB: Armstead Williams - So.

LB: Will Lucas - Sr.

LB: Sean Robinson - Jr.

CB: Ricardo Allen - Sr.

S: Landon Feichter - Jr.

S: Taylor Richards - Jr.

CB: Frankie Williams - So.

Armstead Williams is the biggest surprise here, moving up to the No. offense over Andy James Garcia. He has a lot more size than Garcia at the moment. This is at the spot that used to be utilized by Lucas, who has taken over at middle linebacker at least until Joe Gilliam's finger heals. Two of the three LB spots are likely in flux with Robinson the only sure thing starter.

Special Teams:

K: Paul Griggs - So. OR Sam McCartney - So.

P: Cody Webster - Sr.

LS: Jesse Schmitt - Jr.

KR: Raheem Mostert - Jr.

PR: Frankie Williams - Jr.

KOS: Thomas Meadows - So.

As far as I know the kicker's duel between Griggs and McCartney is not settled and we may not know until one of them goes out for the first placement of the season. All the others seem locked in, with Williams winning the punt returners role. Knauf is also being considered there.

As we all know, Mostert is very dangerous on kick returns.

Second Team:


QB: Austin Appleby - Fr. (RS)

RB: Brandon Cottom - Jr. OR Dalyn Dawkins - Fr.

FB: Brandon Cottom - Jr.

WR: Shane Mikesky - So.

WR: DeAngelo Yancey - Fr.

TE: Justin Sinz - Jr.

LT: Joel Warburg - Fr. (RS)

LG: Jason King - Fr. (RS)

C: Cody Davis - Sr. (5)

RG: Jordan Roos - Fr. (RS)

RT: J.J. Prince - Fr. (RS)

The second team offense is loaded with freshmen as you can see and will be the future of this team. Dawkins and Cottom will both battle for carries behind Hunt and there is still a lot of depth with Robert Gregory falling back and David Yancey, Keyante Green, and Keith Byars II Here. Cottom can be a fullback as well.

Danny Anthrop would be in the mix here if not for his knee injury. His injury was only an MCL sprain and he could be back sooner rather than later. I wouldn't count out Cameron Posey, either. Charles Torwudzo was with the scout team yesterday along with Gregory and Carlos Carvajal, which is not good for any of them.

The reserve offensive line is the opposite of the first team right now. It is loaded with freshmen instead of fifth year seniors and those freshmen are pretty good.


DE: Jalani Phillips - Jr.

DT: Eric McDaniel - Sr. (5)

DT: Ryan Wtason - So.

DE: Jules Williams - Jr.

LB: Andy James Garcia - Fr. (RS)

LB: Jimmy Herman - Fr. (RS)

LB: Ruben Ibarra - Sr.

CB: Normando Harris - Sr.

S: Anthony Brown - So.

S: Evan Feichter - Fr. (RS)

CB: Antoine Lewis - Jr.

There are some surprises here. I moved up Ibarra at least until Gilliam is healthy. Jules Williams has been mentioned as being a pass-rushing end when Purdue goes into a 3-4 set. Evan Feichter is a surprise, but not really given that he is Landon's brother and Landon busted his ass to earn a starting job. Evan is still a walk-on, giving Purdue two walk-ons on the 2-deeps with Jules Williams also being there. Freshman Austin Logan could also get a backup safety spot.


Seniors: 15 (12 at a No. 1 spot)

Juniors: 13

Sophomores: 8

Freshmen: 11

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