All Potential Team, Painter Era

I put together a lineup of players CMP coached based on ceiling type games. Nothing scientific, probably more based on memorable performances out of the norm for that player. Something to chat about during the slow time.

PG-Kelsey Barlow. Arguably, the Purdue poster child for potential. I don't remember any games to back this up, but he certainly showed flashes of it time and again. Every once in a while he just seemed to get this look in his eye and turn his game up a few notches. Dunk over Sullinger is the example I will reference.

SG-DJ Byrd IMO, probably the best role player for Purdue in recent history. Unfortunately, he just didn't have the skill set to be "the man". Still, when DJ was hot, he was fun to watch. In those games he was a threat to score from 35 feet. Clemson of this year, and OSU last year are games that come to mind.

SF-Robbie Hummel Ok, tough to put a player of his caliber on this list. Robbie performed game after game during his days. Still, what Purdue fan hasn't said "what if" about a million times . Anyways, could you imagine Kansas tourney, or first half OSU Junior year.

PF-Sandi Marcius It seemed like the same story. End of the year, start to put it together to make you think, "OK, next year Sandi is going to be good". Then a little tease in preseason, or practice rumors that he is a beast. Then come games, it was back to a guy who just seemed out of place when he was on the court. But every once in while, he found the "B" button and played his pants off. I will cite the Michigan game this year where he was the only Boiler to score in like the first 35 minutes, and him turning an ankle may have cost us the game.

C- AJ Hammons Hopefully if I were to put this list together again next year, AJ won't be on it. But, at this point, almost all you hear about is the potential for this young man. We are all salivating at the mouth for what we hope to see Hammons do next year. I am not going to reference any one game, because his most memorable performance comes from a game I don't want to remember. So I will just say, give me AJ when he goes strong to the hoop, instead of 10 foot fade away AJ.

Bonus-(Not Listed) My bench player is not on this list, but I will gladly pay the 2 point penalty to bring him in and drop 14 points in 18 minutes.

Ok, tell me where I am wrong or what I missed, and enjoy the weekend. Go Boilers

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