Take 5 in 2014

Coach Painter seems to have identified some very good talent from all across the country. I mean when was the last time we went after someone on the East coast? With the current scholarship situation the way it is I think he should take 5 players in the class of 2014. Now many will say what about all the talent that we have a realistic chance of getting in the class of 2015? Well it seems Painter doesn't want to risk missing out later when he can have today. The way he is giving out offers I half expect to get one.

I want to preface this next part by saying that every player Painter has targeted is incredible and we would be honored to have any as boilermakers. For me though I would like to see the following:

1. Dakota Mathias - his commitment continues to look better and better. The kid can flat out play. He is a great shooter and passer not to mention he is tough. He will be great for us.

2. Vince Edwards- this has to happen, he would be a great fit for what we need and does so many good things. Could play SF and probably PF.

3. Alec Brennan - I like his skill set, he is not a typical post player, seems more of a PF that has post moves. He shoots the ball very well and has said that is one of his best skills, reminds me a bit of Robbie the way he can play both Post and PF. If we take him as our "big" for the class we will be in decent shape considering we will have him at 6'9", Simpson at 6'9" and Hale at 6'8". That isn't a bad crop for the PF and Post spot considering we used to use Hummel there and he was in the same height range. That also doesn't take into account eh possibility of AJ staying for his junior year.

4. Bryant McIntosh - he is a combo guard and a good one at that. He finds ways to get other players involved and I think he fits into what Painter wants, a good shooter and an unselfish player whom plays hard. He can play both point and 2 guard so he is versatile. I could see him being a possible red shirt candidate to give him a year to adjust and bulk up a bit. That would also help stagger the scholarship situation.

5. This is where things get tricky, If we can get Trevon Bluiett we take him. He is just that good. I would also take Steve McElvene or Isaac Haas as another big in anticipation of AJ leaving.

Now this leaves us with no scholarships for 2015. That is unless someone leaves early (AJ) or transfers (which I wouldn't want anyone to at this stage). But if AJ leaves like most say he will then I would take one of Hyron Edwards, Watson or Brunson. I would love to have all 3 but we simply don't have room. You can never have to many point guards and with Ronnie leaving (and if we don't get a pg in 2014) we will need a pg.

I think we take as much as we can in 2014 and let 2015 figure itself out. All the guys I named would be great additions to the team and there are others out there that I haven't mentioned that would also be great additions. But for me its V. Edwards, Brennan McIntosh and 1 of Bluiett, Mcelven, Hass.

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