H&R Exclusive Interview With Myles Norwood

Photo from BeRecruited

Our third H&R interview is with incoming freshman Myles Norwood from Texas.

The third and final incoming freshman interview this week supplied by Evan Massey is with another promising offensive player. Myles Norwood is a standout wide receiver from Texas with speed to burn, so he could see the field early in a number of roles.

Evan: What made you choose Purdue? What convinced you that they were the right choice?

Myles: Everything just fit right. The new coaching staff, the academics, and being in the Big Ten! And what convinced me was that the coaching staff and the atmosphere just felt like a family and home. I loved it.

Evan: For those fans who haven't seen you play, what can we expect to see on the field from you?

Myles: Exciting, explosive, crazy plays that will excite "The Furnace".

Evan: Is there a certain aspect of your game that you think you need to work on the most?

Myles: I would like to get stronger, just because the Big Ten is such a tough conference. I would like to get bigger.

Evan: Speaking of the Big Ten,, how excited are you about the heated rivalry games that you'll be playing in?

Myles: I am definitely looking forward to it. More than anything, I love rivalries, especially Notre Dame, I just don't like anything about them.

Evan: Who has made the biggest impact on you, to help you get to this point in your career?

Myles: Definitely my parents. They have made major sacrifices that I will love them forever for.

Evan: Have you become close with any of your Purdue teammates? How about players at other schools?

Myles: All those guys are all like brothers already! Some, just the guys that were around my school or went to my school.

Evan: What is the biggest difference from High School football to D1?

Myles: The speed. I've got to get used to and adjust to everyone being just as fast as me and that I can't just dominate and outrun everybody. I have to start studying and understanding the game more.

Evan: Who would you say is your favorite NFL wide receiver?

Myles: I would say Chad Ocho Cinco, or at least when he was with the Bengals. The dudes route running and hands were ridiculous, and his confidence in himself, I love that about him. Sort of like me.

Evan: What is your favorite kind of music? What do you like to do in your free time?

Myles: Hip hop. My favorite artists is Kendrick Lamar. The dude is a beast on any track he gets on and he talks about real stuff and doesn't just rap for the fun of it. Kid Cudi too. And just chill with my boys...play video games and work out non-stop. Can never get complacent with a little success in High School. Got to get ready for that next level.

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