2013 CBI Tournament: Purdue-Santa Clara Game Thread


If a basketball game happens and no one can watch does it really count?

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Apparently the organizer of the CBI Tournament think it is still 1974 because tonight's Purdue game is the first Purdue home non-exhibition game that won't be televised anywhere since God only knows when. In a brilliant marketing move the tournament organizers are only televising two of tonight's quarterfinals: the 7pm Houston-George Mason game and the 9pm Western Michigan-Wyoming game. Purdue-Santa Clara and Richmond-Wright State, who are both in AREAS THAT JUST GOT HIT BY A MASSIVE WINTER STORM are not televised, presumably to drum up ticket sales.

You can watch for about $10 through the Big Ten Digital network linked below. I have free Pacers tickets tonight, so I can't make it to West Lafayette, but I'll be tracking and tweeting via phone.Fortunately, we can at least see what it would look like:

If Purdue wins they will play again sometime Wednesday night somewhere. The semifinals are re-seeded and Purdue would have to buy a third game at home if they make it that far.

If I were to guess I would say, to ease travel, George Mason and Richmond would almost certainly play each other if they both win, while Purdue would most likely play Western Michigan or Wright State if either of them wins. If Wyoming and Houston win I thing they would face each other with Purdue getting the Richmond-Wright State winner.

Of course, nothing else about this silly tournament makes sense, so why would that? All I know is a win tonight means a semifinal game on Wednesday, hopefully at home. A trip to the Finals assures Purdue of at least one additional home game in the best-of-three format, maybe two.

Santa Clara Broncos

Location: Santa Clara, California

2011-12 Record: 8-22, 0-16 West Coast Conference

2012-13 Record: 22-11, 9-7 West Coast Conference

2012 Postseason: None

Blog Representation: Santa Clara Broncos Blog

Series With Purdue: Purdue Leads 4-0

Last Purdue win: 98-52 on 12/18/2000 at Purdue

Time: 7pm

TV: None (Streaming live on Big Ten Digital Network)

Odds: Purdue by 6.5

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