Football Survey (Final Result)

At the beginning of the season I ran a football survey. Suffice to say the result was as ugly as our football team, as out of a possible 10 points the average is a paltry 1.2. Over 25% of entries gets everything wrong!! The best goes to Hummels' figurines and hoffdaddy83, who each gets 4 correct. There is no official tie-breaker since I only use it as a survey to get a general sentiment, but if there is a "winner" I'd say it should be Hummel, since he is the second-closest to predict only 4 wins (hoffdaddy 7).

Here are the questions in the survey:

  • How many REGULAR season games will Purdue win?
  • 1, and credit jffiv who expected 2
  • Henry is the starting QB against Cincinnati. Will he start at least 10 games?
  • No, and only 21% of the folks see that coming
  • Will Etling be red-shirted?
  • No, and 74% of us get it wrong
  • Other than Hunt and Cottom, which RB will have the most rushing yards?
  • Dawkins, despite fading in the 2nd half. About 46% gets it correct.
  • Who is our top WR (in terms of yards)?
  • Yancey. Onley suPURDUEper sees it coming. The pre-season favorite MaCarthy ends up with 1 catch for 6 yards. Will he qualify for a redshirt? What happened to him anyway?
  • For our offense, how many passing yards we'll have per 100 rushing yards? (To give an idea, IU passed for 238 yards per 100 rushing yards last year, while Wisky passed for only 68 yards per 100 rushing yards. Purdue was 146, fourth highest in the B1G)
  • It's 321, so we even exceeded IU in 2012. But it isn't b/c we are such a good passing team, more so we are just HORRIBLE in our rushing. We have 805 yards rushing, and the NEXT WORST team in the conference has almost TWICE as us (Michigan, 1569 yards). OSU tops the league with 3855.
  • In terms of yards gained, where will Purdue rank among B1G?
  • Everyone knows we are dead last. But no one predicts anything less than 8th.
  • In terms of yards allowed, where will Purdue rank among B1G?
  • We are surprisingly 10th, beating Ill and IU. I think a more telling stat is opponent 3rd-down conversion. We are 12th at 56.5%. MSU was first at half our rate, 29.7%, and IU - yes, even IU, who is horrible at second last, gave up only 46.5%. We are making every opposing QB look good on 3rd down.
  • Where will Purdue rank among B1G in terms of turnover margin?
  • With Hazell's emphasis on TO, we are a disappointing T-8th. The average was 4.2, and only SeaOfWhite (8) and Danulas (9) predicted below 6th.
  • How many missed PATs this year?
  • We don't score that many TDs in the first place so we were perfect ... until the IU game.
  • I also asked for what qualifies as success, and what is a bare minimum to be acceptable. Needless to say, we did none of the thing that met a success criteria, and by all measure, we didn't even do the bare minimum to be acceptable.

    Obviously this is a "burn-the-tape" season for us fans, but I hope the players and coaches won't. They should burn the pain and humiliation in their head and use that as motivation to work their ass off so that it won't ever happen again. As Hazell said, "THIS IS NOT PURDUE FOOTBALL! DON'T GET USED TO IT!"

    I think all of us are ready to move on to basketball season. Instead of angry rants and blame-hunting, the last "food-for-thought" question I keep wondering is: if you are a Purdue fan as many claim they are, what will you do to support the team over the next 9 months?

    Stuff in the FanPosts is entirely at the discretion of those that post them. They do not represent the views of Hammer & Rails, SBNation, or Purdue University in any way.

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