The Hazell rebuild

I was going to reply to a fanpost about Hazell being the best of a bad situation. But I truly believe the support deserves a 2nd post instead of just a reply.

I am not going to lie, I had expectations of seeing a better product than what has been presented thus far. Dissapointment probably does not fully describe how I feel. But instead of giving up, I try to examine what may lie beneth. Here is my best theory from a golfers perspective.

A person may be a decent golfer, let's say shoots around 85, but plays with a HUGE slice in his shot. For years this person adjusted his game to compensate for the slice and done well. At some point for some reason, he gets coaching to eliminate the slice from his swing which has worked, except for the first few weeks/months, he now shoots in the high 90s because his swing was totally broken down and reconstructed. Sure he gets frustrated that he should have just played with the slice, but sticks with it. Eventually, he gets accustomed to the new swing and not only gets back to shooting 85, but actually starts hittin the 70's from time to time.

That is where I think Hazell may be at. We could have stayed the course with training/practice/play calling, whatever, and been a 5 to 7 win team every year. But to get to the next level required getting rid of everything we had, and starting over from scratch.

There are a lot of young guys seeing a lot of playing time and I think change in culture may be why. I remember hearing about Danny Hope being the "players coach". Well, he probably recruited/attracted players that don't respond well to a stricter type of coaching style. So now you have that coach with (some) players not liking or responding that kind of coaching style. Maybe the reason player A, who we thought from last year was going to be good, is not playing because he doesn't put in that extra effort. Player B, on the other hand, works hard every drill, participates in every optional workout and so on. Player A may be a lot better than player B, but if you want to change the culture, you have to start player B even if it means a big drop in production.

I could be way off base and Hazell may not be the guy, but I think it is way to early to make that call. Also, if you get rid of Hazell after one year, not many coaches are going to want to come to Purdue knowing there is no patience to turn things around.

Bottm line, I thing we all thought "One brick at a time" was building upon the foundation that was there. I think in eality, it meant starting from nothing, and having to do a total rebuild brick by brick.

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