Why Darrel Hazell could be the best of a bad situation

Danny Hope needed to go. There is no arguing that. Morgan Burke seemed unable to sign the coaches we Purdue fans wanted and settled with Hazell. But, Darrell Hazell could have said no to Purdue. He could have waited one more year coaching at Kent St. and gotten a better job this year. Hell IU might fire Kevin Wilson, and they look a lot better off than we do right now. Fitzgerald might leave NW. USC, Florida, and Texas would take up-and-comers from good programs, and Hazell could have gone there. He choose Purdue in its darkest days in the program's history. We owe him some form of gratitude for that. Just look at the other coaches who were rumored/wanted and either declined or 'took better jobs' and how their previous teams are faring compared to last year.

Sonny Dykes: Cal $2.3 mil, 1-9 (0-7) beat a D-II team by a touchdown (sound familiar?)

La Tech: '12: 9-3 (4-2) (no bowl because of stupidity) '13 4-5 (3-2) 50/50 bowl chance

Dave Deoren: NC State $1.8 mil, 3-6 (0-6) beat Richmond by 2, CMU, and La Tech

NIU: '12 12-2 (8-0) L FSU Orange Bowl '13: 9-0 (5-0) possible conf. champs / BCS bowl

Butch Jones: Tennessee $3.2 mil, 4-6 (1-5) beat South Carolina, Austin Peay, AKU and SO. AL by 7

Cincy: '12 10-3 (5-2) W Duke Belk Bowl '13: 7-2 (4-1) possible conf. champs / BCS bowl

DH: Purdue $2 mil, 1-8 (0-6) beat ISU

Kent St. '12 11-3 (8-0) L NIU Conf. Champ. L AK St. GoDaddy '13 2-8 (1-5) bowl ineligible

It looks like none of the coaches we wanted are going to make a bowl this year, or even get 5 wins. The only previous team to drop off entirely after losing its successful coach is Kent St. This just goes to show that not every coach can get 8 wins in their first year. We should not have expected a Joe Tiller-esque turnaround from the previous coaching staff. We all remember when Matt Painter took Keady's 7-21 final season and went 9-19 the next year. Then in year 2 turned it around to go 22-12. They also even gave national champ Florida a good game in the tourney. We should not fall victim to today's knee-jerk culture and blame Hazell for one god awful year. He was able to take over Kent St. and get them to the conference championship in year two. Now I'm not saying that we should expect a Rose Bowl or bust season next year, but at least give the man some time to work.

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