Purdue 80, Indianapolis 73

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue scores a win in its first exhibition game of the season.

Disclaimer: I didn't watch this game, because I refuse to pay the Big Ten Network any more money. They acted like victims of the cable companies for years trying to get their product on TV, claiming fans should be allowed to see games. As soon as they found their way to a majority of TVs in Big Ten homes, they start putting these games online for an addition $15 a month as BTN Digital or whatever. So much for fans should be able to see the game, eh?

Anyway, I'll step off my soapbox to talk about this game (er, what I saw from the game on Twitter, Gametracker and the BTN highlights).

Purdue, as you can tell by the score, seemed to play a pretty less-than-stellar game against inferior opponent, but that's something that happens fairly often with these exhibition games. Also of note was Purdue was playing without AJ Hammons.

Purdue didn't even lead in this game until around the 2:00 mark remaining in the first half, but when they did take the lead they used it to go on a 14-1 run to end the half.

Terone Johnson, who led Purdue with 17 points on 6-of-10 shooting, said after the game tonight showed just how young the Boilers are. "We made a lot of mistakes defensively and offensively; there’s a learning curve for that," he said. ""Everyone has a good attitude for listening and getting better."

Raphael Davis added 13 (4-10 from the field), Kendall Stephens and Bryson Scott each chipped in 11, and Jay Simpson rounded out the Boilers in double figures with 10.

Every non-walkon Boiler who played attempted a 3-pointer, with Ronnie Johnson's 1-for-1 and Kendall Stephens 3-for-7 efforts leading the way.

Purdue tied the Greyhounds with 43 rebounds each. Senior transfer Errick Peck led Purdue with six, Bryson Scott had five and Sterling Carter and Basil Smotherman each had four

Thirty-two of Purdue's 80 points came in the paint.

Purdue's next game is its second (and final) exhibition of the season.is Monday against Wayne State, who will be traveling to West Lafayette from Nebraska. That's a 7 p.m. tip, and can be heard on the Purdue Radio Network for those of you unwilling to shell out an extra $15 to the Big Ten Network.

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