B1G bball All-Freshman team study

From another thread we get into a discussion of "talent evaluation" and about finding diamonds in the rough, JPZ suggests:

Would like to see where Purdue/Painter stacks up against other B1G teams in that department. But I sure as heck don’t want to do that research… Charles, get on it and report back the results!!

so I take a look at the B1G All-Freshman team over the last 6 years. (Damn it, I hate always being the doer, but it's in my blood to be a truth seeker, to have solid evidence to back up "opinions", so I take the bite.) I am only looking at the last 6 years because that's where the data are more easily available, and that's E'Twaun freshman year so at least I am more familiar with the names.

Here are the findings:

  1. The other 3-star (other than Burke) who won FOY is Drew Crawford. Although his was "shared" as he was voted FOY by the media while DJ Richardson was FOY by the coaches. BTW, Burke also shared with Zeller.
  2. Among the 30 names listed in these 6 years, most of them are 5-stars (12 to be exact, I mainly use Rivals for simplicity sake). That's not surprising. What's surprising is that there are more 3-stars (11) than 4-stars (7). You are actually more likely to be an all-B1G freshmen as a 3-star than a 4-star, and only one separates 3-star and 5-star.
  3. Iowa is the team that makes 3-star recruits into star freshmen: Matt Gatens, Eric May, Aaron White, Melsahn Basabe. Michigan has two (Burke, Hardaway), Purdue has two (LewJack, Barlow), and Northwestern two (Drew Crawford, Dave Sobolewski). The last one is Aaron Craft.
  4. Among the seven 4-star guys, Purdue has 3 (Rob, Smooge, Hammons), Illinois 2 (Richmond, Richardson), Michigan (Harris) and IU (Watford) 1 each.
  5. Among the twelve 5-star guys, OSU has 4 (Buford, Koufos, Sully, Mullens), MSU 3 (Dawson, Harris, Delvon Roe), IU 3 (Eric Gordon, Zeller, Yogi), Michigan and Wisky 1 each (Robinson and Dekker).
  6. So you can see the recruiting strategy: For OSU/MSU/IU, they target the 5-star guys and have good success. Purdue targets the 3/4-star guys and have good success with them. Iowa targets the 3-star guys and have good success. Wisky goes a different route and has success w/o playing the freshmen (Dekker being an exception).
  7. Star-rating matters (among the 8 FOYs, 5 are five-star), but it matters less than people think (2 three-stars get shared FOYs honor), and also 11 (three-star) vs 12 (five-star) in the all B1G frosh team.

I hope this put an end to the star-rating obsession. Yes, they matter, but they are not the be all, end all. I also hope that next time another star-obsessed fan gives his "opinion", at least do some quality research first. This isn't addressing to anyone in particular, but I just hate it when people use the "This is just my opinion and I am entitled to mine" as an excuse when they give their nonsense and baseless "opinion." Sure, everyone is entitled to his own opinion, and I for one would love to hear from different perspectives, but what makes this community great and what we appreciate is QUALITY insight. Thank you, and as always I welcome any constructive criticism and feedback.

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