Is the "Hope"ful QB Rotation Necessary?



So the question mark of the Purdue vs Eastern Kentucky game thus far has been, "Why is Hope rotating QB’s and not allowing the first team to get a steady rhythm with QB Robert Marve?

1st Quarter:

In the first half of Saturday’s contest, Marve was 17/22 for 190 yds, 2 TDs & 1 int. The interception came on the first drive.

Marve responded by marching the team 6 plays for 87 yards. The highlight of the drive came when RB Akeem Shavers rushed around the right sideline for a 34 yard scamper. Tack on a 15-yard hose-collar penalty and it was Boiler ball at the EKU 29. Marve capped the drive with a 4 yard TD pass to WR Bush to take the 6-0 lead at the 8:43 mark in the 1st Qtr. Extra point was blocked.

So after the Boiler defense returned an interception 34 yards by Sophomore Safety Landon Feichter, Boilers led 13-0. EKU wasn’t able to get anything going again. And after a 3 play, negative 7 yard drive, EKU punted back to Boilers.

Coach Danny Hope, entering his fourth season, decided now was the perfect time to ROTATE QB’s. The drive went like this:

1st play: Marve complete pass to Wright – 8 yards

2nd play: Hunt rush for loss of 1 yard

3rd play: Marve pass complete to Ross – 4 yards

Henry comes in to rush 7 yards. Then the next play he rushed for 8 yards, however, Henry coughed up a fumble and turned it over at the EKU 20 yard line. Fortunately for the Boilers, EKU was not able to capitalize on Henry’s turnover. Again, with the team only up 13-0, Hope could’ve left Marve in the game to create and build some stability for a Boilers team looking for those attributes respectively from the QB position.

2nd Qtr:

Marve started the offense at the Purdue 19-yard line. Marve found WR Edison for 14 yards on 3rd & 12. Immediately after, Kurt Freytag #44 rushed in 7 yards to expend Purdue lead to 20-0.

After an EKU TD by RB Matt Denham (who is a quality back), Hope went right back to his ROTATION. Marve two plays, Henry one play. Then Marve for one play. Then 1st & 10, it is right back to Rob Henry who throws a bad interception, which was returned to the EKU 30.

This wild rotation attempt finally ended Henry’s snaps for the remaining of the first half. Marve was able to lead the Boilers to 2 more scoring drives before the first half horn sounded. Officially, Marve’s stats for the first half were:

17-22, 190 yds, 2 TDs, 1 Int. 5 rushes for 21 yds.

Marve was able to spread the ball to 6 different receivers. The WR position looks solid in their season debut.

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