Purdue Basketball Schedule Released

Feb 29, 2012; West Lafayette, IN, USA; Purdue Boilermakers guard D.J. Byrd (21) drives to the basket against Penn State Nittany Lions guard Matt Glover (5) at Mackey Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

After what seemed like an insanely long wait, The Big Ten has finally put out the men's 2012-13 basketball schedules! Even with college football just around the corner you can't help but get excited for the new Baby Boilers when they take the court for the first time this year.

Despite losing players like Draymond Green, Robbie Hummel, Jared Sullinger, Jordan Taylor, & Meyers Leonard The Big Ten is arguably the best conference in the nation. Michigan, Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Ohio State will all be great teams with IU probably being the number one team in the nation next year (kill me). The Big Ten is extremely strong, and so is our schedule. Our new guys will need to grow up quick. Here's what we are looking at for the 2012-13 season:


  • Home opener against Illinois on the 2nd
  • At Michigan State on the 5th
  • Ohio state at home on the 8th
  • Penn State at home on the 13th
  • At Nebraska on the 16th
  • The end of our out of conference play against West Virginia at home on the 19th
  • At Michigan on the 24th
  • Iowa at home on the 27th
  • Indiana at home on the 30th


  • At Northwestern on the 2nd
  • At Penn State on the 5th
  • Michigan State at home on the 9th
  • At Illinois on the 13th
  • At Indiana on the 16th
  • Northwestern at home on the 24th
  • At Iowa on the 27th


  • At Wisconsin on the 2nd
  • At Wisconsin on the 3rd
  • Michigan at home on the 6th
  • Minnesota at home on the 9th

Six of our first ten games are at home. Some of these are winnable games: Illinois, Penn State, and Iowa. We have heavy hitters IU and OSU come into town early, and then at the latter portion of the season we'll be hosting MSU and Michigan. The Road schedule isn't any easier: Illinois & Indiana on 2/13 & 2/16, then traveling to Iowa and Wisconsin at the end of the season.

After the IU game on Feb. 16th we should really have a good idea of what this team will be capable of; at that point we'll be done with OSU, MSU, and IU. It's going to be a tough year, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The more talent we face early, the more experience we gain, and you can't have enough of that. It's going to be a fun year, but also a frustrating one. But hey, that's usually what Purdue Athletics is all about.

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