Andrew Luck- "The Chosen One"



Is it to early to anoint him? Hmmm... well maybe not the "Chosen One". Lebron's got that title pretty much on lock. Tell me this though, has there been anyone in all of sports that the media has put higher expectations on from day one? And has any athlete put up the performance on the field/court to back up those expectations since King James? What about the highly touted Andrew Luck?

Trust me, everything in me says, "Stop! Just take a breath, calm down and think this over. Its waaay too early. He can't be this good this soon, right? Its gotta be a fluke, its preseason, it just doesn't work this way, you have to give it some time." Well considering all of that, I have to say that I'm officially convinced that all the hype is real, this guy is absolutely legit, and he is on his way towards legendary status, and it wasn't his first game that did it for me either.

It was to easy to get excited after his first preseason game. I mean the guy goes 10-16 with over 150 yards passing and 2 TD's. Not to mention his first ever pass in the NFL results in a touchdown, and all of this in just a couple of series. Hollywood couldn't have scripted it better.

It wasn't that game or that performance that convinced me though. I wasn't sold just quite yet, even though
I really wanted to be. Nope that game wasn't the moment for me. The moment for me was maybe 3 seconds long, and on top of that this moment wasn't even on the field of play, and it also happened in the next game at Pittsburgh. The moment I was convinced in his greatness was in the wake of Luck throwing his first ever interception in the NFL when a cameraman recorded Luck's reaction on the sideline after Ike Taylor ran the ball back for a touchdown......a smile.

That was the moment for me. Because this wasn't a Derek Anderson, I just had a horrible performance and one of my offensive lineman says something funny and I smile, so as not to cry smiles. No this wasn't one of those, this was something different. This smile had a certain swagger to it, and not a cocky swagger, a confident swagger. This smile had the look of a quiet determination. A look that said, "I know I just messed up, and now watch me fix it." Even after a receiver not to be named (cough...Ty Hilton) caused his second interception, he stayed the course, never once looking flustered even after they went down 14-0 in arguably the toughest place to play in the NFL. He maintained his poise, and all he did was engineer 3 second quarter scoring drives that turned that 14 point deficit into a 17-14 halftime lead. Something that a veteran top 10 quarterback wouldn't find easy to do against a rugged Dick Lebeau defense that smelled blood in the water.

It was inspiring and up-lifting to watch as not only a Colts fan, but as a fan of sports in general. Even though many people think its silly to use sports as a metaphor for life, this was precisely that. Luck showed that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you pick yourself back up and come out swinging harder the next time.

It's easy to shine when everything is going as planned, it's when things go wrong when a man's character can truly be defined, and Andrew Luck showed his in spades.

"The Chosen One?" like I said earlier, that has to be designated to Lebron James for now, but I can tell you that this guy thinks there is about to be a second coming.

Jason Shidler

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