Italian Trip stats

As a Quant, it is an occupational hazard that I can't help but to dig into the numbers for the team's 4 Italian games, even when Washburn already kinda did it (, but I prefer doing it myself. So here is a summary:

Point leaders: Davis (57), Hale (47), Byrd (40), TJ (39), AJ (36)

Rebound leaders: Sandi (42), Hale (30), Hammons (29), Davis/TC (19)

Assist leaders: RJ (20), Dru (12), Byrd (9), AJ (8), TJ (7)

Steal leaders: Dru (11), TJ (8), RJ/Davis (7)

Block leaders: Hammons (3), Sandi/Lawson (2)

Minutes per game: RJ (22), TJ/Byrd (20), Davis/Hale (19), Hammons/AJ/Sandi/Dru (17), TC (14), Lawson (12)

Plus/minus: RJ (51), Davis (50), Hammons/AJ (42), Hale (41) ... TC (9), Beshears (8), Sandi (7)

FG%: Lawson (73%), TC (67%), Hammons (59%), Hale (57%), Davis (56%)

FG% (need work!!): Dru (30%), RJ (31%), Byrd (39%), Beshears (40%), TJ (43%)

FT%: TC (88%), Byrd (83%), RJ (83%), Hale/Davis (78%)

FT% (need work!!): AJ (29%), Dru/Sandi (50%), Lawson (57%), TJ (62%)

3-pt %: AJ (50%, 2-4), DJ (43%, 9-21), Davis (25%), RJ (22%), TJ (14%)

Ast/TO: Dru (4.0, 12/3), AJ (4.0, 8/2), RJ (20/6, 3.3)

*Note, Plus/Minus and Minutes per game calculation EXCLUDE the first game because data is not available


1) Scoring will be by committee. We have 8 players that should be able to average at least 6 ppg this season.

2) Rebs need to be our strength with Sandi, Hammons and Hale, especially on the offensive end. The bigs REALLY crash the offensive board, with Sandi (21 OReb / 21 DReb), Hale (16/14), Hammons (15/14), TC (10/9), Lawson (10/5) all having at least as good OReb than DReb.

3) Take care of the ball!!! While RJ, AJ, and Dru posted good ast/to ratio, as a team we have 74 TOs vs 62 TOs. That's VERY bad.

4) Byrd (9 ast/11 TO), TJ (7/14) and Davis (2/13) especially need to learn cut down on their TOs, so as Hammons (1/7) and Hale (0/7). They are waaaaaaaaay too careless.

5) We can't shoot, only 31% on threes and 66% FT. Take out Byrd and our three-point percentage drops to 23%. AJ shooting 29% FT is also unacceptable (but he shot 50% in threes, go figure). Ronnie shooting 31% FG is also problematic, considering he is second in the team in FGA.

6) Granted, the first game doesn't have the Plus/Minus, so the result is only a small 3-game sample and should be taken with a grain of salt. But it is interesting to see that RJ and Davis led the team in P/M in the last 3 games, I guess they provide the assists and scoring. Far down the list are Tacos and Sandi, which I am very surprised b/c Sandi led the team in rebounding with 10.5 a game.

7) Somewhat disappointed that we don't have any player average more than 1 block per game. I thought with Hammons and Lawson we could have two.

8) Based on the trip, I project minutes the minutes played would be something like:

30 minutes for TJ, 25 for Byrd, 20 mins for Hammons/Sandi/Hale/Davis/RJ/AJ, 10 for Lawson/TC, and 5 for Dru. I have no idea on the starting lineup but it doesn't really matter b/c I foresee the starter may play about the same minutes as the reserve (e.g. Hammons and Sandi, or RJ/AJ/Davis likely gonna all play about the similar number of minutes regardless who starts). Obviously if Simpson plays, then he may take 5-10 minutes from TC/Lawson/Hale.

Lastly, pls kindly inform me if you see any errors, and I welcome all constructive criticism, thanks.

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