14 Days until Purdue Volleyball: Kaisley Fisher, Courtney Gosewisch, and McKayla Maroney

McKayla is not happy that James and I missed 2 previews in a row... "Aug 5, 2012; London , United Kingdom; McKayla Maroney (USA) reacts on the podium after winning the silver medal in the vault competition at North Greenwich Arena in the London 2012 Olympic Games." Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We only have one thing to say: Oops.

Basically, with both of us getting caught up with pre-semester plans and activities, James and I never communicated regarding the previews for Day 16 (Kaisley Fisher) and Day 15 (Courtney Gosewisch). Considering the fact that by the time I'm done posting this, it will already be August 10th in Eastern and Central time zones, and considering the fact that no one cares about any other time zones, I'm just going to chug along and call this Day 14 on the Volleyball Countdown. Luckily, no one has the number 14 on the volleyball team, so we can do a double feature article, instead of a dreaded triple featured article.

However, we cannot just hide our shame. Therefore, this article will have pictures of McKayla Maroney showing her feelings towards us goofing up, as she is not impressed. Enjoy.

Kaisley Fisher (RS Freshman)

Plainfield, IL (Plainfield North)

Middle Blocker


2012 Projection: Main rotation early season, possible bench


Courtney Gosewisch (Senior)

Downers Grove, IL (Downers Grove South)

Defensive Specialist


2012 Projection: Main Rotation/Starter


via media.salon.com

I did not land after that jump very well...

Kaisley Fisher came to Purdue in 2011 along with Val Nichol and Kierra Jones. However, after only playing against Air Force and starting against Western Carolina, she ended up sitting out the season with the red shirt due to a shoulder injury. During the offseason, Kaisley had surgery on her shoulder and has been able to recover. But during that time, she did lose some ground. Kiki has risen as one of the best rising MBs in the Big Ten, and Anna Drewry is back to the "Boom Boom" she used to be. Basically, those two will have the starting job as MBs this season, and Kaisley won't be seeing immediate action unless being used as a sub or against the 10am opponents during non-conference tournaments.

However, I think this is best for Kaisley. Though she had impressive numbers in high school (2.06 kills and 1.35 blocks per set senior year), she is probably a bit rusty after sitting out a full season, but rusty mostly due to her recent surgery during the offseason. If she uses her new role this season well, I can see her possibly filling in Drewry's vacancy after graduation this year, especially if she fully recovers from surgery. But it is too soon to tell, and I'm too tired to say anything intelligent right now so I am just going to chug along, and feature another McKayla picture.


via media.salon.com

Really? That's all you could give us?

Courtney Gosewisch came in 2009 fresh out of Illinois and played in all 31 matches. She had 63 digs throughout the season and averaged 0.948 on serve receive opportunities. However, her action went down in 2010 and 2011 to 19 and 17 matches respectively. This was mostly due to injuries that Coach Shondell had briefly mentioned to me, but also in part to the competitive play of Emily Ehlers and Blair Bashen taking control of the floor. Gosewisch saw most of her action after Cramer went down, as she rotated around with Amanda Miller and Hilliary Fox. Though it seems as if Shondell is putting most of his trust on Miller and Fox, with Gosewisch healthier and Purdue's need in defense, I expect Gosewisch to see more action this year than she has the last 2 seasons. She should be able to use her senior status to also be a leader on the team, and help mentor the underclassmen who may be struggling with injuries right now, just like Kaisley Fisher.

To sum it up as a bad joke: expect The Goose on the Loose this year.


via img.bleacherreport.net

Ok you tried, I guess I can give you a little smile.

Special thanks to the new McKayla Maroney pictures to help save this article from being a total disaster at 1:30am. Go to Purdue Athletics webpage for more information on Kaisley Fisher and Courtney Gosewisch. And to sum up, I'll use this McKayla Maroney meme for an image that will hit close to home for use Boilermakers.


via 25.media.tumblr.com

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