Team Camp Wrap-up

Started out the day watching JaQuan Lyle. He had a pretty good day. Some people can't stand the way he plays. Personally, I believe their is so much natural talent there it's impossible to ignore. So many players might have a good idea of a pass. Then, when it comes down to it. They can't deliver the pass. Lyle can.

Sometimes, he's to good. If this kid had say...JaJuan Johnson to lob it up to. He'd be a walking triple double. The Bosse team in general needs to have something broke off in them though. Maybe the 2nd or 3rd most talented team there. But just stood around all day and watched Lyle. My 2nd game of the day was Normal against Brownsburg. Went down to the wire where Keita Bates-Diop hit the game winning around 4 seconds left. His ability to guard KJ Walton on the perimeter threw Walton for a loop.

KBD had at least 4 steals on Walton. 3 or 4 blocks. Who knows how many shots he changed. He had the full arsenal of offense on display as well. Step back jumper was on along with killer backcut move he made and put some poor soul on poster the 2nd possession of the game. All Purdue coaches were in the house for this game.

KJ Walton had a rough go today. I've saw him have much better days and I'm sure he will. Just gonna have to adjust and play within the scheme Coach Nored has in mind. He either will or he'll ride the pine at Brownsburg.

Jalen Coleman had himself a day. This kid can shoot, pass, control the tempo. He's the total package. Coleman left several oohs and ahhs with one particular play when he drove in against Keita Bates-Diop and double pumped to bank one off the glass for a 3 point play. To me...He and Hyron Edwards are the 2 best players in the 2015 class in the state. A very very good 2015 class.

Joel Okafor is one of the more physically imposing guards you will ever see. He has an ability to get to the bucket. He does have a tendency to to maybe get a little too aggressive though and dribble into trouble. Still, a NICE prospect that will most likely be there for a while to track for the Purdue coaching staff. We'll see how his game develops. As far as the freshman on campus.

I think AJ Hammons might be the biggest man I've ever spoke to in my life. He's a sky scraper. No doubt Jay Simpson has tightened up also. Which is a good thing. Ronnie was his perky self mixing with pretty much everyone. Chatting it up and saying hello to everyone. A pleasure to be around. Raphael is a guy that is gonna surprise alot of people I think. It would not surprise me to see him really unload on some teams next year. He was born to play in the B1G. Should be a lot of fun watching them grow up even more together.

I apologize for any mistakes as far as grammar in this. However, it's 11:15 and time to crash. Just wanted to share this with everyone and thought it may be my only chance to get this up for a little while. Headed on vacation with the family to Michigan next week. Hope you all enjoy this. I'm very grateful for Travis letting me share this info with everyone

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