In Memory of Shadow

Everyone here surely remembers TMill's kitty Shadow who passed too quickly. Shortly after Shadow passed we were blessed to rescue a little kitty who looks just like Shadow. I own a business here in Georgia and we have a fenced lot behind our shop. We had an unseasonably rainy and cold spell in mid April and I was helping a customer to load his order when we discovered a litter of abandoned kittens. Three of them were dead but one was clinging to life and we took him home. He was very small and weighed less than 8 ounces on our digital postal scale. We have a friend who manages an animal rescue shelter in Chicago and she helped us with him, she said that he was only hours from death because of the cold and dampness. She estimated that he was less than 2 weeks old.

He wouldn't eat for the first couple of days but he finally took kitten replacement milk from a syringe eventually graduating to a bottle then to gruel and finally kitten food, for the first couple of weeks we fed him every two hours getting up in the middle of the night just like we did for our kids when they were babies. He is now weaned and well on his way although he still likes his kitten gruel every morning (it comes in a can from the pet store and you mix with water). Our kids named him Boo Boo because they thought he looked like a little black bear and Boo Boo was the name of Yogi Bear's sidekick.

Here is what I am sure are more pics of Boo Boo than you are interested in.

Here he is a few days after we brought him home.



Here I am feeding him with a bottle


Sleeping with his stuffed rabbit.


Here he is a couple of days ago exploring our dishwasher and with my lovely wife and fellow Purdue alum Paula. He is now about 12 weeks old.




I hope your mom enjoys these pics, Tmill.

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