Weekend Update on Recruits

Well alot of things to report . First up 2012 roster is unlikely to change . Caris levert is reportedly going to Michigan serveral reports saying he was blown away on his trip . Julius Mays is being wooed by Kentucky and they are now said to be the front runner for his final year .

Hyron Edwards may be the # 1 player in the 2015 class . His AAU team has not lost and won every tourney that they have played in . Everything I have read says he is the top point guard at the very least . And he is a stong lean for Purdue . His AVI on twitter has him standing in front of his shower with a Purdue shower curtain . He tweets Etwaun often and Etwaun tweets him . He list Etwaun as his favorite player . If he doesn't come here it won't be Jay Simpsons fault as he and Edwards have developed a freindship .

Bryson Scott was on fire in FT. Wayne he scored a tourney high 22 in their first game . He missed some of the tourney do to taking the SAT . He also got some negative press when he was T'D up for walking into Jabari Parkers Mac Irvin teams huddle . The Scotts got there late and their team was losing . The twins were trying to fire up their team . If you understand the Scotts this would be no big thing . They are emotional players who play balls out . I love it think Chris Kramer on steroids . Also note Bryson was invited to the NBA top 100 camp in June .

Kendall was stellar as expected the kid continues to impress all .

Alex Austin scored a team high 24 points in the Wolves first game . Which lead to Eastern Illinois offering him his first D1 schollarship . He Quickly accepted . I was hoping for him to work his way to Purdue. Congrates to him .

Jordan Ash played in 17 games in 48 hrs . Playing on the Wolves 17u ,16u . and 15u . I am going to leave this one alone .

Bates-Diop was selected as the most valuable player for the 16u class he scored 24 in the semi's .

Basil had a very good tourney several tweets about him playing above the rim Blocking shots and his over all effort .

Vince Edwards starred as expected . He also confirmed what I was convinced was total crap props to John Waddas he did receive an offer from Danny Hope as well as Eastern ILL . to play WR .

Rapheal Davis took Jay Simpson home for the weekend . The two of them were at the tourney and watched all the players recruited by Purdue . They were recruiting for us . You gotta love that .

Tyler Wideman was more than impressive as he showed and expanded game draining several 3's .

I strongly suggest that all of you keep a eye on HYRON EDWARDS he is that good .

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