Rebounding and athleticism

We are seven months from college basketball, and it's BORING! Thx to TXBoiler for getting things more lively with a controversial topic about athleticism, let me try to stir things up even more with "Rebounding."

We all know rebounding has been a weakness for our team for several years. Many attribute it to the lack of height/athleticism. It only makes sense, coz in high school, the tallest guy or the guy who jumps the highest always gets the rebound.

With that, I am going to declare my bold prediction that, our very unathletic Sandi is gonna outrebound the most athletic kids on a per-minute basis (which should be the fairest comparison since we dunno how often they'll play). For athletic kids, I'll use Jacob Lawson and TXBoiler's man-crush Perea as comparison. If Sandi can beat either one of them in rebounding on a per-minute basis next season, I win. Let me know if you are interested in taking the other side. Since I was discouraged to "bet" financially, I can only do it for bragging rights, so that if I win and next time I hear someone throwing Sandi under the bus b/c of his lack of vertical, I can say, "You are a moron who know sh*t b/c Sandi actually out-rebounded other athletic guys! Athleticism is supremely overrated!"

I'd warn you that I come to this conclusion based on three people who are experts in rebounding. First guy, CMP. When someone suggested our team's lack of height is the reason for the rebounding woes, Painter answered, "I will argue that. I can show you film where we've got guys on the perimeter that refuse to get their man when a shot goes up. It just takes discipline and effort to go box out and get the ball."

Second, Bill Russell, arguably one of the best rebounders of all-time, have repeatedly said, "Eighty percent of rebounding happen below the rim." Sounds like that just fits Sandi's game.

Lastly, Kevin Love, one of the best rebounders in the league today despite his obvious (relatively-speaking) lack of athleticism and vertical. Here's how he talks about his rebounding skill, "I use these two tree-trunk thighs to get a body on my man's legs and hips. That takes away his athleticism. Your vertical doesn't matter. It's just about two guys fighting for the ball, and whoever wants it more usually wins. That's a battle I normally don't lose."

Frankly, I am not very comfortable putting my money on Sandi. If there's a gun pointing to my head I am not sure how much I trust him. Nonetheless, I am willing to stick my neck out for all the unathletic guys out there and make such a ridiculous claim and risk being look like a fool (not that I ain't one already). So come on folks, who's willing to take the other side? Seriously, this is likely the easiest bet you'll win in your entire life, and it's your best chance to finally grow a pair and stop bitching and whining yet too chicken to put money where your mouth is! Honestly, I don't even expect anyone crazy enough to be on my side, but that's OK. I like my chances as underdog, just like I like when no one gives a chance to Purdue and declare us an NIT team.

Hail to all the unathletic and underappreciated players!!!!

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