Recruits and more Recruits ! Update Smotherman wins over Stephens

Well I am in over my head on tracking recruits . Lets start with Minneasota where Vince Edwards showed up wearing all Purdue . I am sure it was because he knew Matty would be there but I'll take it . Painter watched him play one game then headed to Merriville . Coach Shrew left Merriville on Sat. and headed to Minny . Where he watched Bryson Scott dish out several Assist he had 8 in 1 game in the same game J.Lyle had 6 . The biggest reports were on Bryson playing killer defense and running a near perfect game from the point .

Update Vince Edwards won MVP in Minny . One reporter called him the best player in 2014 .

Update; EG10 with Basil scored a 1 point OT win over Kendall and the Wolves . Not much I know about the game other than Wolves turned it over up by 2 with 15 seconds to go . And that Devin Davis controlled the boards .

From Merriville Kendall Stephens continued to STAR ! I could fill a book on tweets and accounts of his greatness . I 'll hit you with this one from a Michigan blogger . " Kendall Stephens needs to decommit from Purdue or the B1G is in trouble" he can get his shot at will and hit it . He averaged near 20 for the tourney .

Eron Gordon was watched by the entire Purdue staff . Every game he played was attended by Jack . He is to be at Purdue today . Damn calipari was also there to watch him . The kid played great and is a final four in waiting . Everytime Eric Sr. passed by Jack he nodded at Jack . I don't know what that means but I take it as a good sign .

Jalen Coleman was also a much watched recruit .And he didn't do anything but improve his worth the kid is a stud . He also is going to Purdue this week .

Jordan Ash will be at Purdue this week . He has played on 16u and 15u wolves this weekend and starred . Clearly a one and done player . Expect him to be offered this week .

Basil has been most impressive this weekend . Playing harder than hard rebounding scoring and blocking shot . Clearly pissed at falling from ranks of the elite .

Several accounts calling Tyler Wideman a beast and Purdue's best Big recruit he also is being watched by Izzo and Calipari . Held his own and got the W vs Alexander .

Hyron Edwards was in Las Vegas his team was 5-0 and won the tourney he won MVP . He scored 30 in two games . Also was taken to hospital after suffering head injury . He is ok and should be at Purdue this week .

Ronnie johnson scored 25 and was the star of the game for all stars .

Cliff Alexander shattered a back board in Merriville on Saturday . I do not think we are recruiting him now .

Bates-Diop has also played well . Scratch Wisc. off of his list . He has been openly trashing Bo for the whole transfer thing .

Whats up with IU offering Monte Morris a 2013 pg who decommited from Mich . And a 2012 pf from the juco ranks . I guess IU has a plan chime in here AJ .

I saw a tweet from Jay Simpson to one of his freinds in Champain that said " If everything works out he and Rayvonte Rice will enroll at Purdue on the same day" They are together in Cham. this weekend .

Saw a tweet from J. Lyle where he said Purdue was still very much on his list . But OSU and Lousiville are recruiting him the hardest .

I am sure I forgot alot someone else chime in please .

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