Boilermakings For 4/20

It's Mrs. T-Mill's birthday, so go wish her a happy one at @queenjedi on Twitter. In the meantime, here are some Boilermakings links:

Defensive coordinator utilizes new drills to improve team - Purdue Exponent: Football: tibesar,
As he watched his players in Monday’s practice, defensive coordinator Tim Tibesar repeatedly pushed them to pursue and tackle with more purpose.

Gloves no fashion statement for Purdue QBs | Journal and Courier |
Purdue's quarterbacks aren't trying to set fashion trends in college football.

Purdue Boilermakers: a look ahead to 2012-13
Purdue has a stellar incoming freshman class, but they also lose a lot.

Crap! Getting Burned By Acid Rain. " College Baseball Today
Joe Haase gets a nice mention here for another shutout performance on Friday.

Big Ten Roundtable: Who are the Sleeper Teams? | April
College Football Zealots are joined by an all-star cast of Big Ten bloggers as we discuss sleeper teams in the Big Ten conference for the 2012 season.

Recruit History " The Railroad Tie
Hank does an excellent job of tracking the past 10 years of Purdue basketball recruiting

Painter wants players who buy in, not fight -
One more reason I love coach Painter

Mackey Premium Seating To Be Improved
And the athletic department continues its epic fail...

Purdue's Bolden getting back on track | Journal and Courier |
Whether Bolden can recover in time for the 2012 season remains a question. The native of Folkston, Ga., has been the Boilermakers' top running back in two of the last three seasons, missing 2010 because of his second ACL injury. - WLFI: Etling talks commitment
Danny Etling talks about his commitment

Purdue coach excited about recruit from city | The Journal Gazette
Purdue coach Matt Painter thinks incoming freshman Rapheal Davis falls into Chris Kramer’s category.

Purdue students plan Mars colony | Journal and Courier |
I mean, we've already conquered the moon...

NU baseball hopes to start off strong for weekend series against Purdue - Sports - Daily Nebraskan - University of Nebraska - Lincoln : News, Husker Sports, Opinion, and Video
More on this weekend's baseball series at Nebraska.

B1G 2012 // Keeping the Enemy Close: This Is Why The Illini Can't Have Nice Things - Off Tackle Empire
Off-Tackle Empire B1G 2012 // Know Your Enemies: This Is Why the Illini Can't Have Nice Things

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