Purdue Alumni Night at TD Garden recap

Hey, so a few months ago I mentioned that I was planning a Purdue Alumni Night at TD Garden with a post-game Meet and Greet with E'twaun and JJ. Well it happened last night so I thought I'd give everyone a recap. Exponent is going to write a story about it too but you get to hear it first!

The Celtics played the Magic last night and we had about 60 people in attendance which is a great turnout for our club. E'Twaun actually got to play significant minutes which everyone was really excited about. He finished with 5 points 1 rebound and 1 assist. JJ didn't play. At the end of the game we made our way down and were escorted to the seats right near the court where we waited for the guys to come out. When they came out, I think they were genuinely surprised to see so many Purdue people because one of the first things that JJ asked was whether we were all really from the area? Although we were supposed to be the ones asking questions, JJ got another question in first when he asked us if we were all Patriots fans? Most people said no. When he told everyone he's a Colts fan I told him that I call my annual Super Bowl party "Peyton Manning Appreciation Night" so just because we live in New England most of us are definitely not Patriots fans. I really got the impression that they were excited and a little shocked to meet other Purdue alumni in Boston. It's like two worlds colliding. Their Purdue life and their new NBA life in Boston.

The whole event felt very small and intimate. It was nothing like the Q&A H&R pulled off in Indy. The guys just stood in our section and everyone asked questions at random and cracked jokes and just hung out for a bit.

I'll try to summarize the questions that were asked. They got asked a lot of questions about Robbie Hummel and how great it would be if the Celtics picked him up. E'twaun and JJ agreed and think it would be awesome so we'll see. E'twaun said that it would be great for Robbie to be on a team where he has friends who already know the area and could show him around.

Someone asked them about what they miss most about college. JJ said he missed just hanging out. He liked to hang out with his friends, that's probably why he hung around Purdue for so long :)

Someone asked who they were most star struck by in the NBA and E'twaun said "probably our own teammates" and he described the first couple of weeks of just being on the team and being in total shock. The veteran players would try to talk to him and he'd just be like huh? Now they're cool with it and they really like their teammates.

Someone asked them about Kevin Garnett and if he's just as crazy in person as he is on the court? JJ said that Garnett is just very detailed.

Someone asked them how the life in the NBA is different? JJ said it's just the life style. Private planes, nice hotels and everything.

Someone asked them what they still look forward to doing in Boston and E'twaun said shopping. He's looking forward to checking out all the stores. Some girl joked that the malls here are much better than Tippecanoe Mall. Everyone got a kick out of that.

They also mentioned that they'll be here in the off-season so we told them that that's great, now they'll be able to attend out Football game watches.

The whole event lasted maybe 15 minutes. In the end we all sang Hail Purdue which was AWESOME! Before they left, JJ said that it was great to meet everyone and it's great to have a Purdue family in Boston.

They were super nice to everyone and just really classy guys. It was a great night!

p.s. I actually want to thank H&R for pulling off the Meet & Greet event in Indy. That's where I got the idea to plan this and the fact that Pacers pulled off a meet & greet with 2 Celtics players gave me some good arguing points for when I approached the Celtics with the idea.



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