2014 Top Targets

Saw this list posted to Twitter via @markodascout this evening. I've been following him for a while and he seems to be very connected and knows his stuff. He definitely has a feed full of Purdue basketball recruiting information and, if you're so inclined, he's definitely worth a follow.

Anyways, he was on a roll today and rolled out his top 10 2014 targets for Purdue with analysis. Re-printed with permission for your enjoyment and discussion.

These are the guys I believe Should be Purdue's top targets for 2014. Gonna release 10. Deep class.

10. PJ Thompson 5'10 PG. Brebeuf. I know Purdue doesnt really need a pg in this class. But this kid is good. Really good. Wouldn't be shocked to see Thompson really blow up this summer. He's very similar to Nic Moore. Can fill it up. But just makes everyone better.

9. Jaquan Lyle. 6'4 SG. Really don't think Purdue has a shot. He's a terrific talent. But for those who haven't watched him. He's probablynot what you expect in a 5* player. He's the most gifted passer I've saw in a long long time. Alot of people rag on his attitude. He's a really likeable kid. But ultra competative. Sometimes his emotions hurt him. Gotta take the really really good with a little bad right now.

8. Dimitri Thompson. 6'4 SG who has a purdue offer. From Florida. So who knows. Purdue has an in here though so we'll see what happens. I watched Dimitri last summer 1 game and had no idea he was a target at the time. He's got game. We'll see how much he's pursued.

7. Perry Poindexter. 6'8 PF. Not only is his name just awesome. He's pretty good to. Gets better every time I see him. Runs the floor, dunks everytime he's within leaping distance which is pretty far. He's long at both ends. My kind of big man. I keep thinking he'll get an offer But he hasn't just yet. Big summer for Perry Poindexter. He's gonna get a ton of love this summer.

6. Tyler Wideman. 6'7 PF. Just a monster. He's the big mean bully in the paint that just intimidates you by ripping away rebounds and using his kaboos to put guys on his hip and just take em for a ride. He's alot more athletic than last year. Thought he was gonna break the board on a couple dunks I saw last week. Nice passer from the perimeter but that's not where he really needs to be. Think Dajuan Blair.

5. Trevon Blueitt. 6'5 SG/SF Strong, awesome shooter. Has a midrange jumper and a pretty good rebounder. Holds an offer. I really love his swag and the way he approaches the game. He's a winner and knows it.

4. Aaron Brennan. PF 6'6. Watched him play against Chatard this winter and fell in love with his game. Handles the ball well, has a great post offensive game. Which I don't think you can ever have enough of. He has a spin move that's pretty much unstoppable. Definately more athletic than he looks. I'd he shocked if he doesn't have 5 offers by the end of the may. Would be nice to see him 2 inches taller though.

3. Jackson Davis 6'8 SF/PF I know not many of you have watched him. But he's simply a stat stuffer. Rebounding and tipdunk machine. He runs the floor like a deer and can step out and shoot it to. A guy I'm really anxious to watch this spring.

2. Keita Bates-Diop 6'7 freak...I watched him last weekend and it's amazing what happens in a year. 1 play said it all for me. He threw away a pass. Husselled back tips away a pass with his gumby arms then took it down and postered some dude on a wicked dunk. He's a talent. Bates-Diop holds an offer but I wouldn't expect an early decision. Sharp family that will take their time.

1. Vincent Edwards 6'7 SF He's another guy that can shoot, rebound, handle it. Matchup nightmare for other PF types. Ala Thomas Robinson trying to guard Rob Hummel. Lots of rumors he was gonna commit. No idea what happened there. No doubt though Purdue is all over him. He is exactly the type of point forward they love. Wouldn't be shocked if he commits by the end of summer. Top 50 talent for sure.

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