Next year......get real!

I never posted this but since Barlow is gone........

I heard that there were 2 guys on the team that were disliked.

Barlow and AJ. Barlow......easy to figure out why.

AJ, I was told wouldn't take ownership when he screwed up. He always looked to pass the blame when he blew a defensive assignment. I heard this the day before the ILLINI game............GDKB's last game.

AJ didn't play that night but one of 2 things happened since he played a ton the rest of the year.

He either grew up or MP was forced to play him because Barlow was gone.

On to next year......

TJ. The reason he was able to dominate was the MP going small and spreading the floor. Not sure we have the shooters and a PF like #4 to give him the room. He really needs to improve his shooting..........still.

Lawson. Am I really reading that he is our most talented PF? If he plays next year he has to improve a ton. Now way we can have TC and Lawson out there giving us nothing on offense. By the way Hanna Perrera is what we hoped Lawson would be........SKY WALKER!

Hale. He isn't another Hummel. He is more of a 4. Long and left-handed might make for a nice defender. He showed some spot up ability in HS......hopefully he has improved that in his 2 years off.

Simpson. I am very encouraged by what I saw the other night. He showed a nice drop step to a jump hook over both shoulders. He stepped out and shot a couple 3's with a nice stroke. He is better in the post than anyone we currently have.

Davis. Like Simpson he isn't a superior athlete......but uses other skills to compensate. Man does he love to create contact while driving to the hoop........if he played for IU he would shoot 50 FT a game........Greg Graham game still pisses me off. He will be great in the motion offense........just needs to improve his 3 point shot.

RJ. Love him......will really push for PT next year.

If PURDUE is going to be a good/great team we need these freshman to play or the other bigs to really improve.

I said the same thing last year.......sadly nobody stepped up except DJ.

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