Insider Stories: JJ

So there's a twitter account (illianaAAU) that follows alot of recruiting and Bigten programs in this area. He knows many of the coaches, players, and media and generally calls it as he sees it.

Anyway, today he has begun release a series of tweet stories about insider rumors. Today first up was Purdue. Tomorrow he is talking about Dawson and MSU (should be a good one).

He does give out some background info but I don't feel like posting that here so check out his twitter if you're interested.


JaJuan Johnson. Purdue fans--- I will do my best to continue to spell his name the right way. Johnson played for the Spiece Central STar. When he was in HS. The Central Stars have always had a good collection of talent. The Central Stars also had a player named Mike Conley, Jr. Mike's dad, Mike Sr., is a well-known sports agent who works with BDA Sports Mgmt.

On April 12, 2010, Johnson decided to enter the NBA Draft. Most insiders and PU fans would tell you he, like teammate E'Twaan Moore were Entering the draft just to go through the workouts and the process and get some good competition over the summer. On May 8, 2010 Johnson announced he would be coming back to Purdue much to the delight of Painter and Boilermaker fans. But what happened during that time frame that surprised some?

Here's what: Johnson was given money by BDA Sports to sign with them. Even now, Johnson works with BDA as you can see here:. In a conversation with a dear friend of mine (nameless for protection) Moore said, in regards to both coming back: "We should have a great year at Purdue." When asked about Johnson coming back: "No, he's gone." Moore assumed Johnson would continue to stay in the NBA draft because of the money (I was told $20,000 as a "side bonus") instead of return. I don't fault Painter. How could he know? But should Johnson, with a 5-figure bonus in the, been allowed to play at Purdue his senior yr? And should Conley Sr (who has former Spiece Stars Conley, Oden and McRoberts on top of Johnson) be allowed in college arenas?

So, in summary: Johnson was "gone" from Purdue, setup a deal with an agent, got paid, then returned to Purdue. That's it for today. Keep in mind, that story is 100% accurate as far as I am told by MULTIPLE people. I spoke with Moore's friend. Moore was, as stunned as anyone johnson came back for senior year. I don't think Purdue is at fault or to blame. But,........ All the PU fans who are about to call me a liar, a d-bag and everything else: you may want to read tomorrow. Topic: Brandon Dawson to MSU.

So.... believe it or not?

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