IU suspensions

Today IU and the NCAA announced that Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin will both sit out 9 games and donated a set amount of money to a charity of their choice. Hopefully this will be a blow to Crean's rotation and effect their success this season BUT

Before we just start jumping to conclusions that IU is a corrupt rotten basketball program (It may be, but not for this), lets look at some of the info and at least be semi educated about the situation before we bash them.

To summarize the report:

the "boosters" only donation was $185 to IU between 1986-1992 and that classifies him as a booster

the guy was the kids legal guardian as his nonprofit organization was responsible for bringing these kids to the states from their homeland. Adams' organization A-Hope which stands for African Hoop Opportunities Providing an Education brought them here to utilize their basketball abilities to get an education. What's semi fishy about this is that the the last time I checked Columbia, Hanner's home country, was in South America and not Africa as the name of the organization implies it assists. Adams lives in Bloomington so there MAY be an influence from him for the kids to go to IU (sounds like ole miss in the Blind Side).

The kids come for the Sudan (where Jurkin has 25 siblings) and Columbia respectively, so they couldn't have come here with much and the organization got them some stuff. What stuff? I don't know

One thing I don't understand is why the NCAA is having Jurkin donate $250 and Perea $1,588.69 when it is assessed they each received up to $8000 in benefits! If the NCAA sees this situation as penalty and illegal why are they only paying such a small portion of it back!

I hope this comes back to hurt the Hoosiers from a basketball standpoint but until something else pops up with this story (which I undoubtedly think there's more to the story than has been reported) I'll let this one slide and wait to bash IU on something with substance

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