Men's Basketball exhibition games, by the number

Just looking at the Newberry game, the numbers that stand out are:

  • 7 total rebounds by *little* AJ, leading the team
  • 8 assists and no TO by little AJ, suffice to say he has a good all-around game
  • Carroll has 4 blks and Lawson 0, I have to double-check the box score
  • Making 23 of 30 FTs as a team, good for 77%
  • Despite a much better 2nd half (outscoring 65-35), we actually shot better in the 1st half (55.2%) than the 2nd half. The key difference? We attempted 44 shots (made 24) in the 2nd half, comparing to only 29 in the 1st, and that's b/c of a 33-16 rebounding edge in the second, comparing to 19-18 in the first. So whatever Painter did at the beginning of 2nd half, it seems to work. (Sigh, if only Hope can do's clear that our football team only practice for the first offensive series, and then do the exact same sh*t that doesn't fool anyone the rest of the game.)
  • Jay 8 pt and 4 rebs, guess that seals the deal for Jay to play this season
  • Dru hitting 2-of-3 threes - perfect walk-on player and deserved wins a scholly (good attitude, always in shape (unlike some scholly players), hustle on defense, can knock down shots when called upon)

Now here's the average of the 2 exhibition games:

  • The top 3 minutes-played (about 23 mpg each) are the Johnson-cube
  • The bottom 3 minutes-played (about 11 mpg each) are the PF-trio (TC, Lawson, Simpson) where each one of them has his unique talent but also spot a major weakness
  • TJ (21 ppg), RJ (13.5) and RayD (10) are the three leading scorers.
  • Sandi (6.5 rpg), big AJ (5.5) and little AJ (5) are the three leading rebounders (thumbs up to little AJ)
  • Little AJ has a 4.5:0.5 for an ast/to ratio of 9, and leads the team in assists; RJ is 3.5:3.5 for an ast/to ratio of 1
  • Carroll (yep, that's Taco) leads the team with 4 total blocks; Hale and Hammons each has 3
  • RJ and DJ lead the team with 4 total steals; Lawson has 3
  • Lawson has 1 foul per 21 minutes, 2nd *best* on the team behind RJ. The worst? Except for Toyra, unfortunately that's Jay (4.4 minutes) and Hale (6.8 minutes). We need them to play better defense.
  • As a team, 49% FG, 35% on threes, and 69% on FT
  • RayD and DJ didn't miss any FTs (both 6-6). TJ is our third best FT shooter at 80% (that's a very good sign!). Fourth best? Lawson, making 3-of-4!
  • Sandi and AJ are the worst FT shooter (40%, so that concerns me with little AJ), while Hammons and Simpson barely make 50%, admittedly the sample is small
  • Little AJ shooting better in threes (40%) than overall FG (39%). Coincidentally, his FT% is also 40%.
  • TJ (not DJ!) attempted the most 3FG, and made 50% (another great sign).

Based on the numbers and what I see, in conclusion, I think

  • TJ is a strong breakout candidate, and our success depends on him and little AJ
  • ...who has shown an improved all around game, including a defense that frustrates opponents.
  • Ronnie and RayD show flashes of brilliance but also very inconsistent
  • ...the same with big AJ, but hopefully as frosh, they can improve.
  • Hale was a disappointing 7-and-2 guy, and his 2 rpg is especially alarming after having double-doubles in some of the games in Italy, and he is prone to quick fouls, being the 2nd-worst player in the team (on a per-minute basis). He made less than 50% of his shots, but at least he has shown the ability to hit jumpers, which is important.
  • Sandi and big AJ play the same minute, and I expect Sandi will be the start come Friday, but big AJ will earn his by the end of the season.
  • Lawson and Carroll look like they'll be buried deep in bench.

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