I am finally on the bandwagon

I may be one of the last Boilermakers to jump on a loaded bandwagon, but I am finally done with Hope and Burke. Perhaps I am too soft, or naive, or just stupid, but many were pointing out my mistaken opinion for a couple of years now in relation to Hope and more than a decade in relation to Burke. Last weekend was a first for me in nearly twenty years. That first was that I had no idea when the Purdue-Minnesota game kicked off nor did I care. I had no DVR set, I was not going to it, or going to a bar to watch it. I completely did not care. That lack of care this week startled me. That is why I am writing my first bog comment. Here is my opinion of what needs to happen this winter.

1. Let Hope finish the season and recruit. The guy is a great recruiter.

2. As soon as Mitch is in office, he needs to relieve Morgan of his duties. Mitch hires a new Big Money AD, one that does not wear short sleeve dress shirts like Dwight Schrute.

3. Mitch removes the shackles of the athletic department being self-supporting and join the the rest of the big boys and siphon from the University General Fund. There is no joy in losing with an * because we are self funded. What a load of crap. It is time to spend money foolishly and on a scale never seen before in Tippecanoe county. If can't beat'm, then join'm. I am looking at you O$U.

4. With a new big money AD in place, we get the New-Big-Checkbook out and hire a proven winner. Hope was barely a winner at his last gig.

5. I think Purdue should shoot for an average of 3rd or 4th place in football each year with every couple of years having a shot at the crown. These are high expectations when you look at the competition. Their money, fan base, history, etc... It is easy to say we should always shoot for 1st, but that is not realistic.

6. If we expect to finish in the top 4, then we need to invest in our program in the way and amount that an average 3rd or 4th place program in the Big Ten does. We get no satisfaction watching Burke try to get a top 3 finish on a 11th or 12th place budget.

7. I am tired of watching Moneyball in West Lafayette. This has to end.

In conclusion, Purdue needs an entire culture shift. We have the opportunity with a completely different type of President coming in and a fairly new Board of Trustees. This is our time.

*if anyone is willing, I am happy to start a Paypal account for donations. I would like to rent U-Haul trucks and park them outside of Morgan Burke's home. However, since I live in CA and I cannot self fund it, I need help.

If you read this far, then my apologies.

Stuff in the FanPosts is entirely at the discretion of those that post them. They do not represent the views of Hammer & Rails, SBNation, or Purdue University in any way.

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