Preseason College Basketball Coaches Poll: Purdue Unranked

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It is no surprise that Purdue is not ranked in the preseason top 25, but it will have multiple chance to earn a ranking.

The preseason poll for the 2012-13 college basketball poll is out and it is no surprise that Purdue is not ranked. In fact, Purdue did not receive a single vote. Here is the full poll:

Rank School (first-place votes) 2011-12 record Points Last year's final ranking
1 Indiana (21) 27-9 761 13
2 Louisville (5) 30-10 738 4
3 Kentucky (5) 38-2 718 1
4 Ohio State 31-8 617 3
5 Michigan 24-10 605 22
North Carolina State 24-13 581 20
7 Kansas 32-7 563 2
8 Duke 27-7 516 14
9 Syracuse 34-3 502 5
10 Florida 26-11 422 9
11 Arizona 23-12 411 NR
12 North Carolina 32-6 401 6
13 UCLA 19-14 396 NR
14 Michigan State 29-8 391 7
15 Creighton 29-6 325 21
16 Memphis 26-9 307 NR
17 Missouri 30-5 289 11
18 Baylor 30-8 266 8
UNLV 26-9 203 NR
20 San Diego State 26-8 196 NR
21 Wisconsin 26-10 191 12
22 Gonzaga 26-7 166 NR
23 Notre Dame 22-12 122 NR
24 (tie) Florida State 25-10 61 15
24 (tie) Texas 20-14 61 NR

Others receiving votes: Saint Louis (26-8) 58; Virginia Commonwealth (29-7) 40; Cincinnati (26-11) 33; Murray State (31-2) 30; Kansas State (22-11) 13; Saint Mary's (27-6) 11; New Mexico (28-7) 10; Tennessee (19-15) 10; Minnesota (23-15) 9; Pittsburgh (22-17) 9; Marquette (27-8) 8; Stanford (26-11) 7; Butler (22-15) 6; Oklahoma State (15-18) 6; Colorado State (20-12) 4; Middle Tennessee (27-7) 3; Drexel (29-7) 2; Georgia (15-17) 2; Miami (Fla.) (20-13) 2; St. Joseph's (20-14) 2; Marshall (21-14) 1.

Some analysis after the Jump:

Purdue may not be ranked, but with five games against the top five and 10 against the top 25 the young Boilers will have plenty of chances to earn a top 25 ranking. The poll also shows us that we should have a good idea of how good this team can be very early on.

Even taking into consideration the "Others Receiving Votes" category Purdue has only one game in its first 13 against an opponent in this poll. That is the December 15 neutral site game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse against Notre Dame and The Traitor. The Fighting Irish are rated just No. 23, so it is hardly an overwhelming game that could be considered impossible to win.

In those 13 games I can see Purdue winning 10 without too much trouble. Anything more than that would be very good and a sign that this team is ready to compete immediately. Three of our first four regular season games could be against potential NCAA teams as Bucknell is the favorite to win the Patriot League and advance to the dance. A true road game at Clemson and the Notre Dame game will also be tough. Xavier and Lamar also present games against 2012 NCAA teams.

The Big Ten game against ranked opponents are spread out nicely as well. There are only two back-to-backs and at least one is at home in each. January 5 at Michigan State is followed by January 8 against Ohio State in Mackey. March 2/3 at Wisconsin is followed by March 6 at home against Michigan.

Three games against the top five will be very interesting, and that alone will raise the over strength of schedule. Indiana is a legitimate No. 1 and their season should be considered a failure if they don't win it all, but I feel Ohio State is overrated at No. 4 and beatable in Mackey. Michigan can be a little erratic at No. 5 and they were our most impressive victim last season.

This poll only re-enforces my belief that a 20-win season with an NCAA berth and first round win are legitimate goals. Purdue could greatly helps its cause by stealing one of those five games against a top five team, and beating a team like Notre Dame in a neutral site game wouldn't hurt. If Purdue is undefeated going to Bankers Life for that game (a possibility) we could see our own name in the polls after it.

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