Purdue Basketball 2012 vs. 2007

As I was running this morning I re-listened to the latest Purdue basketball beat (Episode #5) with Hank, Andy and Tmill. During the Podcast there was a comparison of this 2012 Basketball team to the 2007 Baby Boilers team. I've heard the comparison many times previously and I get the perception that our fan expectation is for a similar results. That 2007 team had 25 wins with 15 in conference wins and went 16-1 at home.

In 2007 there were some growing pains because they were a young team, and the current freshman class is strong with some excellent players but I think we will have many more growing pains this time around. I wonder if we will make it back to the NCAA tourney. We have an awesome coaching staff and excellent players but getting to more then 21 wins will be a huge feat. After listening to the Podcast I went back to make some comparisons between the two teams.

After the Jump you'll see a position by position comparison for the two teams and I think it's kinda like the Dream Team compared to Redeem Team where the original is just better and if they played 07 vs 12 I think '07 wins.

12 2011-12 Guess/Prediction
2007 Stats
PG RJ 6.4p 2.5r 3.5a Kramer 6.8p 3.3r 3a 2.3s
SG TJ 9p 3.4r 2a 11.5p 3.7r 2.5a ETM 13p 4r 2.6a 1s
SF DJ 9p 2r 1a 12p 3r 1a Keaton G. 11p 3r 1.7a 1s
PF Hale 5p 4r 1b Rob H. 11.4p 6r 2.5a 1.3s
C Sandi 1.6p 2r 3p 4r Calasan 6.4p 3r
Sixth Man
Ray D 8.5p 3.5r 1a Traitor 8.5p 3.8r 1.4a 1s
Seventh Hammons 4p 4r 1b J.J. 5.4p 3.1r 1b
Eighth AJ 5.1p 2r 1a 7.5p 2.5r 1.5a Green 4.6 3r
Ninth Lawson 3p 3r 1b

Ronnie vs. Kramer

After looking at the position comparison this years team seems to have a clear advantage at PG with Ronnie but look at Kramers stat line! He averaged over 2 steals a game. If you also consider he was the team leader who drew the oppositions best player at either the 1, 2 or 3 those are some huge shoes to fill. EDGE: Kramer

This also brings up how great this 2007 team was defensively. 6 of their 7 top guys averaged at least 1 steal or 1 block per game.

E'twaun vs Terone

If TJ makes the same jump in scoring production that he made last year then he should put up the same numbers E'twaun did as a freshman. He increased his scoring by 4 pts/game from his freshman year. This will also hinge on his scoring ability behind the 3pt and free throw line. Hopefully his shooting technique has improved. I think E'twaun's length aided him in being a better defender. EDGE: E'Twaun

3pt% FT%

TJ 31% 43% Last year

ETM 43% 71.6% (2007)


This is where I think the 2012 advantage could happen (at least that is what I initially thought) Keaton Grant had an awesome year in '07 being one of the 3 guys averaging double figures. I think DJ will have a better year statistically but he'll be the go to guy as apposed to being the 3 option as KG was. EDGE: DJ

Hale vs. Hummel

I'm really excited to see Hale play and I think he's going to be a great player for Purdue, BUT how do you have a freshman season like Hummel, he was ridiculous. Injury free at 6'8" playing at the 3 or 4. Hummel led the team in rebounds, 2nd in scoring and had 2.5 assists per game. EDGE: Hummel

Calasan vs Sandi

I know some Purdue fans didn't much enjoy Calasan but I really like him because the two years he played we had 2 good centers. I think Sandi will have more rebounds and less 3pt shots which I like. Points wise Calassan I think will have the edge. He averaged 6 shots per game and Sandi has only averaged just over 1. I think we'll only want him to average 3-4 shots per game. EDGE: ?? Calasan in points.

J.J. vs AJH

For J.J. his freshman year always left me wanting more from him and he would later deliver. I think Hammons will rebound more but blocks will be similar and I think the scoring will go to J.J. as well if this years big boys can hit free throws then their scoring production will increase because of their rebounding abilities. EDGE: AJ Hammons

6th Man

The Traitor vs Ray D

As much as I despise the traitor he was a huge asset to the 07 team. Being 4th on the team in scoring and being able to play the 3 or 4 at 6' 8" was a big defensive advantage. Hopefully Ray can hit his free throws to increase his production like the traitor did. EDGE: Ray (more grit)

Little AJ vs. Green

I think AJ will have a strong year and increase his scoring, defense, 3pt and free throw percentage.


This years team might have more depth but the 2007 team just had a ridiculous top 7 guys. I think this years team will have 2 good centers, 1st time since 08. I'm really looking forward to watching all the young guys coming in and see the veterans improve on last years progress. We lack some length on the perimeter but have a ton down low.

My prediction: 19 wins 8 in conference NIT Finals finish

Let me know your thoughts.

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