Boilermakings Is Talking Extremely Early Basketball Recruiting

Let the debate begin now: Boilermaker or Hurricane?

It is extremely early, but Purdue has officially locked up a point guard recruit for the college basketball recruiting class of 2031 and coach Robbie Hummel. That is the purpose of today's major announcement. I, your tinpot Dictator-for-Life at Hammer & Rails, not only turn 33 today, but I am proudly announcing that the famous Mrs. T-Mill is 12 and a half weeks pregnant with our first child. We're officially bringing another Boilermaker (or Hurricane) into the world.

In terms of recruiting we'll steer the kid to Purdue if they prefer basketball and Miami if they prefer baseball. Any other sports are up for grabs, though the National Championship pedigree of women's basketball and women's golf give a solid Purdue lean if it is a girl.

My only wish for the coming months is that someone beats Notre Dame and someone beats Indiana next March. I don't want to bring my kid into the world where Notre Dame and/or Indiana is the defending champion of my two favorite sports.

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