Coach Painter on Dakich Show

It's only 7 minutes but hey, basketball talk is basketball talk. Even in 7 minutes we can get a lot out of what Painter talked about.

- Painter loves Ronnie and has a lot of confidence and expectations for him and i dont think Painter is one who looks at the stars and dreams, he looks at reality and i think Ronnie will show up BIG TIME.

- Rapheal Davis sounds like he has trouble in practice which is a surprise to me but with Painter's explanation it makes sense. But RayD can produce in games and that is what we will need from him.

- The competition in Italy was far under the competition in Australia 5 years ago. Only bringing this up so that people realize that even though we won 3 out of 4 games, that does not mean we can expect the kind of year the Baby Boilers had.

- Sounds like A.J. and Donnie were talked about a lot with rebounding even though Sandi was the stand out in that category over in Italy.

- More talk went into Donnie and A.J. instead of other players, which means they stuck out more, i think Donnie has a start and A.J. and Sandi might switch around but share alot of time.

- Travis was not mentioned AT ALL. Not a good sign for Tacos but its what i expected.

- Jacob was said to be improved which will only bring good things.

- A lot of expectations on Terone and D.J. to lead the team and be improved in their own games. I remember in a past interview that Painter has high hopes for Terone, saying he could be an "All Conference Player."

- Lastly, looks like Painter is still hot on recruiting and is planning on tomorrow to be special.

Really excited about this year. It is a rebuilding year but Painter is one of the best coaches in the B1G, we have tons of talent and some experience. Will be an interesting win but i think that another NCAA tourney is going to happen this year and our new recruits will get tons of experience, which is what we need to build up even stronger for the future.

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